• Create 150 HQ PBN Do-Follow Backlinks
We will BUILD 150 .NET High PR PA DA TF CF PBN Backlinks from aged websites for your website or blog.

Authority links are most important after the big updates from Search Engines. This will boost your website credibility and rocket your SERP.

  • Mostly .net domains
  • Other Top TLD Domains included
  • Aged websites (up to 10 yearso ld)
  • All links are Do-Follow
100% Manual work

We always do our best to over-deliver both in quality and quantity.

We will provide:
  • 150 High Quality PBN Backlinks (all do-follow)
  • 50 PR9-PR7 SEO Signals
  • Do-Follow Backlinks from Top Level Domains
  • PBN Backlinks from Top Level Domains
This package contains do-follow and PBN backlinks that will help you rank your website higher on Search Engines and increase your page rank.
Do-Follow backlinks have a SEO benefit for your website, unlike no-follow links
that are just sold from someone to take your money and disappear.
Do-Follow and PBN backlinks will pass on the SEO benefits of the website
where it is built from to the hyperlinked site. These links will
remarkably enhance your link profile and improve your page rank.

We will create 50 PR9 to PR7 Social Signals from aged high quality social pages.
  • Includes 19 Instant Posts from aged Social Media properties (over 4 years old)
  • Includes 31 Scheduled Posts from aged Social Pages (over 4 years old)
  • Includes Promotion to over 1,000,000 people that are loyal to the pages
    This package contains Signals that are a very important factor for SEO. Especially when you get them from OLD PAGES WITH BUILT AUDIENCE. The signals your will get are from the Top Social Networks and are PR9 to PR7 - which means huge SERP improvement. They will help you grow your social media presence for your website and maybe even bring some traffic.

Why would i order this?

Purchase this service to boost your TRAFFIC and RANKINGS for any Website or Blog profile. Having more Social signals, Backlinks
and Social Bookmarks combined with Shoutouts and Promotion means growth
for your Google Page Rank, Traffic and Search Engine Rankings.

How this works?
After ordering this service, you will only be asked for the link of your
website and your keywords. You can also write a short description about
your website so that we can put that information on the links we create.

It's useful for:

  • Making your website more popular
  • Improving SEO ranking and SERP
  • Brand exposure
  • Affiliate marketing advertising
  • Just making more money!
  • For resellers, we also have additional high quality & detailed Excel reports. If you are outsourcing, we recommend the PREMIUM report that is available as an extra.

Terms of use:
  • No split, one link per one order and 1 keyword
  • You can't use another seller here and blame us if something they do reflects our work
  • No revisions or refills in case of updates by the websites
  • No refunds - Ranking and traffic can't be guaranteed. Naturally, we can't control search engine and visitors actions.

User Ratings

  • stat1c
    stat1c 2 days ago

    Great work.

  • gerand
    gerand 11 days ago

    Perfect! ;)

  • ash628
    ash628 12 days ago

    Seller delivered what is promised. Thanks. It was a very quick turnaround.

  • trettosm
    trettosm 12 days ago

    Seller provided links as mentioned, and the best thing is that there are some social bookmarks included too. Good.

    Though some links looks spammy and most of the domains are spammed like hell, but what can you expect in $1. Do not buy it for money sites.

    Good for tier 2 and tier 3 links. Thanks.

  • ali7rahimi
    ali7rahimi 17 days ago

    tnx for fast delivery andhard work
    i think your a best support and seller in seoclerk
    all the bklinks are good and have high Authority
    we work together very soon again

    LIKE !!!

    • QuidTask

  • ali7rahimi
    ali7rahimi 18 days ago

    tnx for fast delivery and hard work

    i think your a best support and seller in seoclerk

    all the bklinks are good and have high Authority

    we work together very soon again

    LIKE !!!

    • QuidTask

  • edalves
    edalves 20 days ago

    Great job. I will request other services.

    • QuidTask

  • michelh
    michelh 22 days ago

    Very Happy with the job they have done.

    I would recommend this seller cause they know what they are doing .
    Also the support is friendly and they reply fast,
    Worth the full 5 Stars 5/5

    • QuidTask

  • zapp
    zapp 2 months ago


    • QuidTask

  • TheRealFonzyM
    TheRealFonzyM 2 months ago

    They delivered the work fast and they've always been like this. They are a highly-professional SEO service providers. I'm looking forward to the results of this service.

    Let's see how high my video will rank for my chosen keyword. Thanks, QuidTask!

    • QuidTask

  • y5zone
    y5zone 2 months ago

    great work, thanks

    • QuidTask

Buyers Comments

  • niaj121

    do you provide report of the links?

    9 months ago
  • DEO29

    Your URLs will long lasting?

    Can I see sample blog URLs?

    9 months ago
  • DEO29

    Can I see samples?

    8 months ago
  • Akkn

    Is it panda and penguin and other update safe backlinks ?

    7 months ago
  • mrshehroz

    sample please and is it panda pengiun adsense safe ?

    7 months ago
  • ubaid1991rehman

    send sample plz and will you provide login details as well?

    6 months ago
  • jejeromejen

    sample please can you more than 4 anchor text?

    5 months ago
  • acumen

    Can you please share a couple of samples ?

    2 months ago
  • sdamy65

    could i have a sample ?

    1 month ago
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