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I sell this eBook "Fast Ways To Get Real Likes & Followers On Twitter, Facebook, Blog, Pinterest, Tumblr, Linkedin, Soundcloud, Myspace and Instagram" because I want to share with you about how to increase your likes and followers in cheapest price. After you read this eBook then you will be capable to get likes & followers.

Remember : This is not a social media service, this is only an eBook to help and guide you to boost your followers & likes in some social media websites.

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Excerpt from the eBook

Hi, Have you met someone who sold a social media service but you only got followers & likes which were totally robots? We all know that having unreal followers means nothing and useless.

User Ratings

  • worldpeace007
    worldpeace007 3 months ago

    I was skeptical but the download is safe (I scanned it with Norton etc). Next I wondered if the book would have actual legible text. Well there are actually two small books, one is approx 2 pages the other is about 9. The info seems very legit. I'll be trying the steps suggested in the books. The books seem to be a good deal for few bucks. Thanks.

  • Sultan93
    Sultan93 6 months ago

    Twitter followers:



  • Bizza
    Bizza 6 months ago


    • LukasMGK


      I am not selling social media services here, this is an E-book

  • naadu
    naadu 8 months ago


    Facebook page link, Need More Likes

  • bankswhite
    bankswhite 9 months ago


  • fabiano2010
    fabiano2010 1 year ago


  • a7madsala7
    a7madsala7 1 year ago

    can you help me
    i didn't found your steps in ( follow.net )

    thank you

    • LukasMGK


      I didn't make a tutorial for follow.net

      Please read the attachment


  • akiskarakoglou
    akiskarakoglou 1 year ago

    I want likes for this page

    • LukasMGK

      You need to read all and follow all instruction in the E-book

  • richeasy0001
    richeasy0001 2 years ago

    It's just social exchange information and that's old info

  • stateofw1
    stateofw1 3 years ago

    ok I'll try it, how did you go about getting verifed on twitter?

    • LukasMGK

      I just changed my background

  • gorrilla
    gorrilla 3 years ago

    Not delivered ! Just ordered!

Buyers Comments

  • emonemon

    thanks for eBook! from this eBook 1 day i made 1,250 followers and 50 like FP thanks!

    5 years ago
  • Fuma

    Hi I'm trying to buy u ebook. I just want to now if it work. I just buy a ebook from another dude and it didn't work. Please let me now. I'm interested....

    3 years ago
  • xXSirenaXx

    Does this work to get 1000 followers daily on fb and is it links to websites like hublaa?

    4 years ago
  • fionacheapkeys

    same question like the rest, does this ebook actually work?

    3 years ago
  • joshthesoleh

    Does this method still work or is it saturated i need to get likes on my business page selling game codes to all consoles and game

    2 years ago
  • Saqibmahay

    I need facebook page likes are you providing ?

    2 years ago
  • joechip71

    are you do facebook fanpage likes man?

    2 years ago
  • LukasMGK

    I am not selling Facebook Fanpage likes

    2 years ago
  • sergiofsd

    Hi friend how are you?, I have a doubt, you have to send 1000 like to a post?

    2 years ago
  • LukasMGK

    I am not selling Facebook likes

    2 years ago
  • Gayathri

    do you increase facebook page likes and followers?
    we 10k

    2 years ago
  • superskin

    Do you able to traffic on facebook page??

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  • Matteolorus

    can you let me have 10,000 followers on facebook page? Also can you tell me the price? thx

    1 year ago
  • tradetuber

    we need 900 facebook fans can you do it ? if yes how much

    1 year ago
  • LukasMGK

    we don't sell Facebook likes, if you want to get real Facebook likes then you may order this eBook

    1 year ago
  • app91

    Are tactics in your ebook still working? Has anybody recently effectively used it?

    1 year ago
  • drakne

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  • armanali

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  • tomalkhamba

    I need huge likes on my page. How many likes will I get on my page?
    Is that real and Non Dropped?

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  • LukasMGK

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  • LukasMGK

    You can buy this e-Book to know how you can get Facebook page likes

    4 months ago
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