LinkAuthority Posts for Writing Services

LinkAuthority Posts for Writing Services

I have a account with a daily posting quota of 15 posts/day (can easily increase this to 30+/day). I'm starting to like the network and the quality of the blogs my content get published on, however I'm at a lack when it comes to keeping up with my daily quota. I just don't have the time or energy to write/rewrite that many posts myself. So...

I need someone who can create 200-300 word posts that get approved on

They have a human moderation team that goes through and decides if a post is approved. If an article does not get approved, they explain exactly why... like "poor wording", "not unique enough" etc.

What I found is you can create really fast unique articles by copy pasting other people's stuff into SpinRewriter (I can provide access to this) and then manually fixing it so it's readable and the wording is good. Passes copyscape and usually get's approved first time. This is just how I do it - if you have a better/faster way then go right on ahead.

Will Trade

I will trade posts on LinkAuthority in exchange for writing or rewriting content for me to post on LinkAuthority for my own sites.

You will be in charge of all the writing, and then we use my Link Authorty account to publish them. I was thinking 7 posts will be yours, 8 will be mine.

Skills Required

writing content article

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