I want something in exchange of 79$

I want something in exchange of 79$

I need 10$ or service worth 10$. Or just put my blog link on your website. I need adsense safe visits. JUST BID ON WHAT YOU CAN GIVE

I want to trade my copy of Keyword Jeet and Tube detonator for 10$. you might have heard about both the tools.
They are really great and helped me a lot. But the problem is now have 2 copies of them and i want to share one of them here.

I will be giving you the license key also.

Keyword Jeet worth 67$
Tube Detonator worth 12$

Will Trade

I will give Keyword Jeet worth 67$ and Tube Detonator worth 12$

Skills Required


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i will post for you on my pr1 blog

i will provide 2000 adsense safe traffic for $5 this are real traffic

i can give you 5000 adsense safe website his

i will?give you hosting in intel® xeon® e7-8870 (30m cache,2.40 ghz,6.40 gt/s) premium server with 32gb ddr3 ram and 1gbps port speed which gives you max up time & reliability?. for 1 year..

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