Exchange blog comments

Exchange blog comments

I want to trade the equal number of the comments blog-to-blog.


1. Your blog should have Disqus, so we can easily monitor our mutual conversation. I have other things to do too, so Disqus will take care of the notifications.

2. Each comment should be 140 characters minimum,and that's like one sentence, or two short sentences, meaningful and related to the article so we can have a normal conversation, not only 'nice post' or spam comments.

3. Both of our blogs have to be of the same niche; internet/ software/ hardware/ programming/ application reviews/ opinions and similar niche, so we can understand each other on topic.

4. A good grasp of the English language. You don't need to be extra talented or you don't need to worry if you make a typo mistake or some kind of the grammar/ style glitch, but your comments should be well written and easy to understand.

Mutual respect, understanding and absolutely NO SPAM comments are the paramount!

I want to make a deal with more than one person, in fact as much people I can, but you have to comply to the conditions. If any of those conditions are not met, I will not sign a deal with you.

Kind regards!

Will Trade

I want to trade meaningful and engaging comments blog-to-blog.

Skills Required

Writing Commenting English Blog Disqus

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do you accept blogger website, my site is about bringing content to the viewer

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    i have a blog that covers new tech positive news stories and products of all kinds. check it out and let me know if your interested

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