Cannabis / Marijuana guest posts, blog links, backlinks

Cannabis / Marijuana guest posts, blog links, backlinks

I am interested in trading links or guest posts for a cannabis blog. I have a network of cannabis blogs, and websites. I have one that is specifically for Hash/Concentrates that is a PR6, which out ranks any cannabis website that I know of, and gets huge traffic. I have another that is a PR3, and a on top of that I have 4 other cannabis based websites with high traffic.

I would like to trade equally ranked sites, a blog post and or link with "do-follow" attributes.

If for example you have 2 PR3 websites that are cannabis related, I would trade you your 2 cannabis website links, for 1 link on my PR6 website.

Or if you have a PR3 cannabis website, I would trade you a link for a link on my PR3 cannabis website.

If you are interested in just purchasing a link straight across, see my ads on SEOClerks. I have a great deal going on right now.

Will Trade

A link for a link. Must be equally valuable, or equally ranked as per my description above.
PR3 for a PR3, or a PR6 for a PR6. Must be cannabis / marijuana related.

Skills Required

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