Let's Work together ( blog owners )

Let's Work together ( blog owners )

I want to work with those who have their own blogs( self hosted domains ). Lets work together by exchanging backlinks with each others web 2.0 sites, social boolmarking sites and through other ways. We both get benefited this way. If any one is interested contact me. In this way we do not have to pay for backlinks

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a private blog network (pbn ) is a set of domains that you or another individual is possible to have a pbn consisting of free blogs, like wordpress,tumbr,livejournal natural website build up with buffer sites.i will build pbn with high quality & high pr 25 web 2.0 buffer sit

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    i am a cool lady blogger....let me handle the comments war zone on the blog...i am in.

    i will post banner ad on my website. what you can do?

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