Free Tester Invite To New Refer-a-Friend Software

Free Tester Invite To New Refer-a-Friend Software

We’re looking for an exclusive small group of folks to help test new refer a friend software.

You could A/B test and optimize your referral programs, contests, giveaways, product launches and even influencer outreach campaigns across every major social network.

Without developer headaches or spending a dime on ads. Visit the link for a FREE beta tester account!

The story & why you need for SEO:

The highest converting form of free advertising since the beginning of “forever” has been referral marketing, and today, a single tweet, a fb post, or an instagram share can be quickly seen by thousands if not hundreds of thousands people on social media within minutes.?

What does this mean for your non SEO efforts and the influencers you team up with.

Referrals are 83% trusted consumers
Referrals are 25% more profitable and are 4-5 times more likely to refer others
Referrals spend 13.2% more
Referrals have 16% higher lifetime value than non-referred

Knowing this, the last 6 months my buddy and I have been coding late into the night this software called MergeViral, “The entrepreneurs Software.” Because you’re not an entrepreneur if you don’t have the oldest form of conversion since Roman times. Which is “word-of-mouth.”

Visit the link for a FREE beta tester account!

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