I will create fully functional 100% Automated Movie Trailer Website

I will create fully functional 100% Automated Movie Trailer Website

Start your own Movie & Entertainment business with this turn-key Website Solution!

- 100% Automated website. Owner does not need to lift a finger to update the posters, trailers, info, etc.
- Built on the latest Wordpress Platform
- Includes Easy to use Admin Panel (add, edit, delete movies, etc.)
- Easy to use Advertisement spaces (to monetize the website)
- Anyone Without experience can run and manage this website.
- Excellent Investment or addition to your portfolio.
- Includes instructions manual to setup the site easily yourself.
- All You need is a domain name.
- Website can be managed through a shared hosting environment (very affordable to run, about $5/month).

Overall, the website's automated feature makes this a very valuable online property. The only cost to run this website business is $5 per month for a shared hosting account. That's it.

The website's revenue will come entirely from the advertisements placed throughout the whole website. Currently, Google adsense ads and cpa are used to monetize the site, as it is one of the top earning ad networks. Ads in the entertainment niche pay the owner between $0.50 to $3.00 and up per each click a visitor makes to any of the ads. With such high pay per click ad income, it's very easy to make lots of revenue from ads on a daily basis.

The website also features an Amazon movies Store. Earn commissions on DVD or Blu-ray sales.

This automated website needs none or minimal hours per week of work. Because the site is fully automated, you can focus your work on other aspects of the business (marketing, ad placement, social media, etc.) This automated solution takes off all the workload of delivering fresh new content every single day.
The site's admin panel lets you manually add sections, pages, stories and other content as well.

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paypal account website monitoring advertising online

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