virtual assistant for Apple enrollment program

virtual assistant for Apple enrollment program

need a VIRTUAL ASSITANCE to help with this ,
Please check the enrollment process attached, and read the notes carefully, then you can let the provider start enrollment.

Notes: you will earn $50 for each enrollment .

1, use this link to enroll

otherwise it's easy to mix up developer program(99?

2? when you are applying duns number and submit company details , must use company domain name email ?no public domain such as gmail ?as apple ID and work email; you'd better distribute a new company email (which you don't need to use in future) as apple id, because we have to use the email to receive apple mails.

3, must write employee number more than 500 for duns and apple enrollment.

4, better write you are company owner , if you write you are given authority, you better write your other number as company owner number so you can answer apple call.

5 better write telephone number as company phone number which is listed in company website.

6, once apple call you , you must tell them you only use the account for company internal use , you will not use it to publish app in public and will not share it with others , otherwise they will only give 50$ developer account.

Will Trade

Apple enrollment program

Skills Required

Virtual Programming Data Dataentry

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please order now.

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  • hello
    have a wonderful day.
    i am previously experienced about app store app selling program and i have an apple id and i am interested to work on this program as per your instruction for every developer enrollment.

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  • here just myway you can get your goal as you want

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