Safelist Submitter Software NEEDED!

Safelist Submitter Software NEEDED!

Safelist submitter software needed!

Looking for a STAND-ALONE safelist submitter software program that lets me enter custom site lists from my account portfolio. I've been looking for the pictured software for the last five years since I saw it on YouTube;

It doesn't have to be THIS EXACT ONE, but something similar to the functionality as imaged above. Please, no ten-year old software offers like AutomaticMailerXP or Snazzy Safelist Submitter or anything dependent on cloud-based operations (if I wanted that, I'd just use Safelist Genie).

I'd also appreciate SERIOUS offers (with accompanying images so I can ascertain as to what I'll be receiving). I'm looking for this to happen ASAP, with any offers accompanied by rights (MRR and up), but that's not a deal-breaker - just looking to get the software!

Will Trade

As I'm SERIOUS about my need, I'm willing to offer a MRR-licensed copy of Backpage Auto Poster as well as a detailed tutorial video on how to use the site itself to drive traffic to any websites you have on promo;

Awaiting SERIOUS offers - this trade should shake loose my need, thanks!

Skills Required

Software Trade

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hello there!

if you need bulk/mass email sender, i can provide that at $30

what it does:
1. let ylean you email list
2. import list (txt/csv)
3. let you save the list (txt/csv)
4. let you send email
5. let you send email on schedule
6. let you sign in with different ids7. let you allow to use different smtps/ports

software allows you

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    could you pleas3 send me details i can develop that for you?
    hence, i am not getting idea from above picture, i will need a bit detail (i.e. for what purpose you will need it, what does that soft do etc.)

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