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  • I want more Website Hosting Clients for my web hosting business
I need active web developers who receive lots of small business clients everyday for simple wordpress websites.
I would like to offer cheap web hosting packages to your clients and i need someone who does web development to sign their clients up to my website for hosting.

Will Trade

I will provide you:

- The means to conveniently provide technical support for your clients
- Give you coupon codes to be able to offer your clients amazing discounts
- you can provide a convenient way to your clients, to cut out the worries and hassle of finding a domain or finding web hosting
- I will assist in technical support
- I will pay you $1 per client per month for the first six months each client signs up

If this could in any way be beneficial to you and if we could in any way collaborate, please feel free to leave a comment or message me

Skills Required

Webdeveloper Webhosting


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