Expert in conversion tracking implementation needed!

Expert in conversion tracking implementation needed!

Let me introduce myself shortly, im Aart, affiliate marketeer.
I've got a network of 20 affiliate networks and have an affiliate network on my own (Moustachemedia) All the networks use HasOffers as the conversion tracking-system for all the advertiser landingspages we promote. Besides emailmarketing, we now started with Display | PPC | Banner Ads marketings on multiple platforms (around 10 different ones like 7search, RapidHits, Dailyclicks, BestTrafficShop, SelfAdvertise, LeadBolt, etc)

I need an expert on, implement conversion-tracking, tracking url's, s2s postback links
who can implement all the best converting affiliate campaigns i have. (around 100 different ones) on all the different traffic sources.

You will receive manager accounts on my affiliate network accounts and for my traffic sources. We will work in shared Google Sheets to keep track of the working progress.
Let me know if you could help me out, so we could discuss terms to work on.

cheers Aart

Will Trade

in return i will learn you how to make money online BIG TIME.
I am working for all big Australian advertisers with converting CPA, CPL campaigns and will show you how to make money promoting them on display and PPC platform.
I will manually start the very first campaign for you on my own traffic platform which will make you at least 8 dollars a day from any place in the world you live.

Skills Required

Safe traffic adsense Pixelsite Affiliatemarke

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