Real active subscribers for $5 monthly residual.

Real active subscribers for $5 monthly residual.

We are Hopper TV. We provide streaming TV view services in the Untied States Only!
Here is the ad of what it is:

Enjoy more channels, the latest dramas, comedies, movies and now music and documentaries too, Catch every moment of breaking news, sports and other live events.
Watch what you want, when you want, how you want. It’s your Hopper TV ™, your way.
No annual contracts
No installation guy
No extra fees
Cancel anytime
Can’t watch the game live? Record it with a tap.
Hopper TV ™ includes 50 hours of Cloud DVR space.
Forgot to hit record? You can replay nearly any game, show or movie that aired in the last 7 days.

Will Trade

We are looking for you to help spread the word in exchange will will pay you every month for every active subscriber to our TV services through our affiliate program which uses LeadDyno software.
You will have access to your own panel to track your leads and email them directly.

Skills Required

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1k subscriber in 100$ non drop in 30 days

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