Someone from US/Canada - My Method, My Website, My Traffic

Someone from US/Canada - My Method, My Website, My Traffic

Let me explain what exactly I am looking for

I already have a Word press website in Woocommerse theme in Gambling Business. I am not a professional web designer still I did whatever I can do. Everything is Ok with the website but the checkout page is creating problem for us. It should be more user friendly, It should be one page checkout so that in a Single Click and Limited entries he can do the checkout which will save his/her Valuable time but my current checkout page is very much complicated to understand. Due to these I shifted my customer to semi online process. They will send me the number through whatsapp and will Pay through cash else through Google Pay but this is very much un professional.

Sometimes the customer are delaying the payment as I don’t have any other choice and the second problem is which bookie paid how much amount, for which numbers, how he paid, and what is the remaining balance.

If I have a Professional checkout page then In a single click I can know everything what ever mentioned above. Every Day I am getting call from various Bookies as well as Players to Gamble through my website and how to play there. I am just telling the website under process till them you have to wait. I am not approaching them for WhatsApp process else it will increase my workload as well as create lots of confusion.

In India Gambling is Illegal but still gambling is going on and all these process are done through offline process means face to face business but due to Covid 19 Crisis and Lockdown they can’t gamble offline, they are searching their alternative way which is nothing but this Online process.

As Gambling is Illegal in India I can’t run an Online Gambling website in India using my Indian Bank accounts legally, yes I can do it illegally means through fake bank accounts but I don’t want to do that and how many fake account I can manage?

I Googled and Found Gambling in US and Canada is completely legal and anyone can run online gambling as well and they can use their bank accounts

The Person who will do JV with me have to do the formalities like get permission from local authority, Get a Business name (we already have our Business name which is nothing but the website name),Open a New bank account on Business name. If you have any existing business then also you can merge it.

If the JV person knows web designing then it will be bonus for us as we don’t require hiring any other web designer to customize our checkout page.

He should be a Trust able person because this is a Long term business and it is really a money making machine business.

If You have any other doubt then let me know and if you are ready with above said details then please ping me because I have to start the Online website on 1st August and we don’t have enough time

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Will Trade

Joint Venture
New Business deal
Web Designing skill
Should be a Citizen from USA else Canada

Skills Required

webdesigning usa canaada jointventure JV Partnership

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