[Seeking- Group Team] Exchange things!

[Seeking- Group Team] Exchange things!


I am always seeking someone and asking for help so i was wondering why won't i make a team that we could exchange things together?

So here is how it works,

Each person who completes an other person offer, he can request something back in return from the requested person.


So there is this guy called Mike and other person called Tylan.
Mike asks from tylan to register under his referral, once mike registered under his link , tylan must do something in return for mike.
However if Tylan doesn't want to request something ,he could request it later.


-You must have sky.(i will create a team over there who will make the exchanges- in future if the group keeps up i might make a forum)

-You must not deny someone request , except if you have a reason. (if someone asked you to install a program - who you might consider it would be a virus request him to show you Virus Scan - and video of the file that is not virus) (Services like - Pay Per Install)

-Maximum requests from the Requester* is:2 (what i mean like the example above with Mike and Tylan,Mike is allowed to have 2 requests if tylan doesn't have at the moment a request to give to Mike.

-Maximum days to complete the requested offer is 2.


If someone is a scammer he will be kicked from the group and not coming back, so if someone hasn't complete his offer after 2 days passed ,contact me.
If you would like to participate in this group you must add me on sky.

Current Members: 2

(Everyone is starting from somewhere right?)

Will Trade

I would like to make an exchanging group to exchange things and so on.

Skills Required

Account Exchange Aussie Abrain Woot

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i want to join this group. plz pm me if u can?

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    i like to join your group - how to start?

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