Services with reseller commission on Seoclerks

Services with reseller commission on Seoclerks

Do you provide a service on seoclerks, with a commission for reseller ? If yes, I would like to provide you with:

What you will get:

  • Get a FREE backlink to your service from (My Seoclerks Affiliate Site)
  • I will make a banner for your service, and place it on my affiliate site, with a link to your service.
Requirements for cooperation:
  • Your service should have a reseller commission of min. 10%
  • You should have min. 5 positive ratings
Where do your banner/backlink get placed?
  • I try to place it on a sub page that provide your service in the description.
  • You can take a look at my site and find a place you want, if there is no other banner yet.
How long will my banner/backlink stay on Microjobs24 ?
  • It will stay on my site, until a buyer want the place. Sins we also provide our banner/backlink spaces, will a paying customer get the place. Your banner/backlink, will then be placed on a similar sub site, or will be placed on the site, after the ordered place runs out.
Is this a offer, that you like ? Then please give me the URL of your service, so I can check it, and place it on Microjobs24.

Further information about
  • Microjobs24 is my affiliate site for Seoclerks. It's created in 2013, when I signed up to seoclerks.
  • The site is very well listed on Google and Co. You can check it on MOZ or Alexa.
  • I generate about 50 to 100 active new affiliates each month.
If you are interested in this offer, please send me the URL of your service, so I can check it, and place it

If you have further questions, are you always welcome to contact me.

Will Trade

Please take a look at the description of my offer ...

Skills Required



have a wonderful day.

thanks a lot for providing us this service. you can check my service link:

this is my link

here is my service- design a complete wordpress website . it has 1 positive rating, but my account has 8 positive ratings, average 5*

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