I'm looking for large volume of mobile & Web traffic

I'm looking for large volume of mobile & Web traffic

I need traffic that will stay on my site for 30 seconds at least and visit around 1-2 extra pages. This traffic must be from tier 1 countries and must pass our reporting and BOT filters.

Pricing must be reasonable. And we should be able to run some tests.

Let the offers begin.

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my service includes 10's of thousands of unique ip addresses from mostly usa, and all being tier 1 countries.
i use captcha breaking service to negotiate with google, as the searches for your top keywords are searched and clicked.
then when the link has been clicked in google for your url, an additional link will be clicked on your site.

if yo

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  • i will drive a massive amount of traffic to your website, at a rate of 1000+ hits per day for 30 days.
    the result will be at least 30,000 visits to your website by the end of the 30 days.
    the traffic will visit your site for a various amount of time, between 110 seconds and 230 seconds, and will click one url while on your site, giving you

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