Must be completed in 5 days       2,436 days left to make an offer
  • Website video plays in exchange of 5-10% view profits
We are a Anime Broadcasting network

We need real video clicks, and even ad clicks that's good too. But we mainly need thousands of video plays on our WordPress site.
We need someone who can automate our video plays/views, without triggering the videos servers to block or ban us.

Will Trade

In exchange we are offering 5-10 percent of our ad earnings, to be paid out on a scheduled period.

Skills Required

Coding Facebook Twitter Traffic Instagram Seo Likes Youtube Programming


bring real visitors, targeted web traffic
We can provide 1000+ daily visitors for 30 days for $5 and 2000+ for $10 and 6000 daily for $25
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    we need video clicks. on our site. can you provide that?

    2 months ago

    not too bad. can you do anything for videos on my site that are hosted through openload?

    2 months ago

    you said... *Make and Edit video professional for your project custom price*

    let's talk more on that please.

    2 months ago