I will teach you hassle-free 1688 China importation through my concise pdf guide for $15

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I will teach you hassle-free 1688 China importation through my concise pdf guide

1688 dot com is one of China's biggest E-commerce platform where businesses who are mostly based in China buy goods directly from manufacturers and resell at a higher prices through other E-commerce platforms like Alibaba, Aliexpress, Gearbest etc.

So if you thought you were getting the cheapest price for items you ordered on Alibaba or Aliexpress, then you are totally wrong. These platforms sell products at prices up to four times more than the price of the same item of same brand and quality listed on 1688. But there's a catch, 1688 website is in Chinese language making it difficult for non-Chinese speaking customers from around the world to access and use the platform. So some people rely on China-based procurement agents to import from 1688 which costs them a lot.

With this concise step-by-step guide, you will learn how to import goods directly from 1688 manufacturers and ship it directly to your location hassle-free at cheap rates.

I have over 5 years of experience in China Importation for Business and during this period, I have successfully imported thousands of products from China to my home country with ease using 1688.

I put together this Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide for individuals and businesses who are in the E-commerce or Retail sector and those who wish to delve into the business.

In this Guide, I Will Cover The Following Topics:

1. How to find cheap and quality products on 1688.
2. How to navigate the website even though you don't understand Chinese.
3. How to contact manufacturers through the platform to negotiate price and place direct order.
4. How to create your 1688 and Alipay accounts easily in order to order directly on the website.
4. Different ways you can pay for your goods on or off the website.
5. Fastest and reliable means to ship your goods to your doorstep at very cheap costs.
6. Including other useful Resources

Reading this guide will give you all the knowledge and resources you need to become successful at importing goods from China for your business easily and hassle-free using 1688 which is unknown to most people.


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