• I will give you a PDF tutorial that will gain $20-50 per day using adsense
Million of blogger and website owner come to me get a business benefits! but my experience indicate me following...!

More than 80% website owner just paying host bill and domain renewal fees every year without any reasonable profits.

I am going to show a powerful method which will bring $20-50 per day with 100% guarantee. (if not 200% money back without a question) but you must use the method correctly.

People just clicking their own ads or inviting friends to exchange click between two account. That's all are detected by google and cause an account disable less then 24 hours. AVOID THIS BAD WORK.

Keep in mind Google Technology always clever than you or any software.

You cannot gain Adsense Money in this way. i am presenting some useful method which will bring you at least $20-50 per day and with 100% guarantee.
  • No Invalid click
  • No Fake page impression
  • No Same IP click
  • No Proxy
  • No Click exchange
  • No PTC ads
  • No iFrame
  • No Fake traffic such as hitleap, jinglic etc.

Its real idea & real method to gain Adsense and RID on Google. you will get following upon delivery.
Delivery Details
  1. Single PDF file that described A-Z about adsense gaining SEO method.

  1. You must have website/blog already.
  2. At least 40 unique article on your website.
  3. A great mind to spend few dolllar. Ex. $5 to earn $15/day.

Have any question before placing your order feel free message me.
Customer will have 24/7 support if need any help out of my eBook

User Ratings

  • MacMillionnaire
    MacMillionnaire 3 years ago

    Thank you. Thank you.

    • moumita

      If you need any support regarding the PDF tutorial do not hesitate contact with me. will support you fully and reach you $20-25 per day guarnateed.

  • eniorocha
    eniorocha 3 years ago


    • moumita

      You are welcome!

  • crinfok
    crinfok 3 years ago

    Nice seller, with great customer service.

Buyers Comments

  • moumita

    I am with honesty and serving customer with best as possible. the PDF tutorial is not any tricks. 100% normal and white hat ways to gain $20-25 per day from adsense. should have any others question feel free ask me.

    3 years ago
  • MacMillionnaire

    moumita, I want to buy this gig, but promise me that you will help me to get in.
    Don't tell me that it's not your fault.
    Promise me you will help me to use it.

    3 years ago
  • moumita

    Hi, Thanks again for the comment. i can see you place order on my others service and cannot use service perfectly then detect my problem. all others user taking the service without any bad report but you grow that. i suggest you do not order anything to me. that would be better for you.

    Thanks for your understanding.

    3 years ago
  • MacMillionnaire

    I don't know how you talk this way, but i am not against you. I speak the truth.
    Remember that i said that i believed you, And see that i order every day. I am not against you but what i said is true.
    You tell me to see my key word so i do it.
    If there is something wrong, tell me. Don't be shocked.
    I can not lie to make you pleasure.
    We all want to success. You are better than me and you see my commitment help me. don't be vexed.
    I can not be against you and give you my money. But i speak the truth.
    If you change your mind i am ready to work with you.
    Be blessed.

    3 years ago
  • moumita

    Hi, Thanks for your comment! unfortunately your commitment is if you gain then you can pay if not i will loss every time. i am sending all traffic that is true and i am paying for the traffic. i can guarantee you only traffic but unable to guarantee you will earn more then spend. clients are ordering because they gaining profit instead i am not losing time and money.

    for PDF tutorial- you can see already two people got it success. now if you order and cancel it again after getting delivery that will be another loss. better is stop working with you so i am not going ahead anymore.

    I do not work for someone who reject order after getting delivery.

    Thanks for your time.

    3 years ago
  • nafa23

    Hello. I'm interested about your Adsense traffic. With 5$ how much traffic you will send ? How much days will be run the traffic and how much clicks I will recive ?
    In the end of the month there will be the invalid traffic ?
    Thank you

    3 years ago
  • moumita

    you asked me as a fool. check the service page and read again. your all answer written there.

    also head line says 500 visitor ...

    3 years ago
  • toverlani

    as you can earn for a month with an adsense account

    2 years ago
  • moumita

    Hi, I am having AdSense and earning. You can do same.

    2 years ago
  • moumita

    Yes, this valid till now.

    2 years ago
  • ltt330326

    This is probably how much investment is needed?

    2 years ago
  • moumita

    around $50 for 5000 traffic which will help you make $100+ but depended on CPC of your articles

    2 years ago
  • locphan

    hi guy, this service is available

    1 year ago
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