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    Due to the current cyberwar among US, Russia, China and a few other countries, these days, the worldwide internet traffic might be very slow. Therefore it might be possible for some websites to receive less traffic than in previous days, weeks or months. ps: the current cyberwar affects the internet more than the one from the period of US election (2016), when some russian navy ships were accused for jamming the internet from the transoceanic fiber optic connections. Anyway, this time, it seems the NSA might (but not sure) be responsable, not the russians. ps2: if you have more questions about this cyberwar then don't ask me! Please search on the internet, read multiple sources and get

    7 months ago

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    Delivered the order as expected. Not only did this user deliver the order successfully, but he also delivered the order in a fantastic time period as well as a reasonable manner. I'd definitely work with this seller again and would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to promote a charity page!

    1 month ago