• Windows VPS For Hitleap - Jingling or any SEO Tool
I will provide you with an high performance virtual private server (VPS). It is real for 30 Days and can renew for SEO Tool, Uploader, boot traffic... running any windows os for 1 MONTH. This is dedicated vps service and ?cheap but 99.99% high perform and guarantee service. if you want to any details always we help you 24/7 customer service.

You will get root access to your VPS via Remote Desktop (RDP).

1 vCPUs 4.0GHz Intel Xeon
15GB SSD Hard Drive
Windows 2008/2012 Server
Up To 1Gbps Network Speed
Unlimited Bandiwith
Billing Cycle : Monthly
Can Renew
Run Your Bot or software 24/7

Server Location

If you wish RAM or CPU upgrade please refer to my additional services.

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User Ratings

  • Lahiru
    Lahiru 3 days ago

    Express Delivery

    • VPSKings

      Thank You!

  • Sanduk
    Sanduk 5 days ago

    Quão rápido é a internet? Está me indicando 12 mbps?

    • VPSKings

      When I check the vps network speed is 255Mbps.

  • Lahiru
    Lahiru 14 days ago

    Great communication. A pleasure to do business with.

    • VPSKings

      Thank You!

  • toextoto
    toextoto 27 days ago

    thanks very much

    • VPSKings

      You are Welcome!

  • gnath01
    gnath01 28 days ago

    good seller i recommended, quick service.

    • VPSKings

      Thank You!

  • moskilz
    moskilz 1 month ago

    connection is ok now..tnx

    • VPSKings

      You are Welcome!

  • wit60
    wit60 1 month ago

    Great Seller! Great products! Fast delivery! Excellent!

    • VPSKings

      Thank You!

  • Lahiru
    Lahiru 2 months ago

    Great Seller! Great products! Fast delivery! Excellent!

    • VPSKings

      Good buyer!

  • sdananjaya
    sdananjaya 5 months ago

    Some of your HitLeap Viewer sessions are not earning Hits, because they are not properly loading a large number of websites.

    This situation can happen if the computer has low resources (RAM or CPU) or a very slow internet connection.

    Please ensure that the application has a sufficient amount of resources available to it.

    After you have made the necessary changes, please allow up to 30 minutes for the session to start earning Hits again.

    The following IP addresses are currently affect

Buyers Comments

  • bernardmontreal


    A query in the VPS console I have the option to reinstall or restore the operating system, because for me it is necessary for the work I do. regards

    13 hours ago
  • VPSKings

    Yes you can reinstall from control panel.

    8 hours ago
Windows VPS For Hitleap - Jingling or any SEO Tool is ranked 5 out of 5. Based on 9 user reviews.
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