High-End Windows VPS for one month for $15

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High-End Windows VPS for one month

You will receive access, for one month (30 days), to a high-end Windows Virtual Private Server.
It's exactly like having a second computer/PC running 24/7. You can use it to run different software tools or just to browse anonymously.

What are the specs of the VPS (virtual private server)?

  • 30-day access to a high-end VPS (remote computer/PC running 24/7)
  • Intel Xeon processor, Enterprise SSD hard disk, 1Gbps network port
  • German or Finland datacenter
  • Control panel (Reboot, Start, Stop, Direct Console, etc.) for your VPS
  • Remote Desktop Connection

We have valid licenses for our servers (Windows Server editions) and all the software running on them. This provides you with a safe work environment and software tools always up to date.

The base price is for a machine with the following hardware specification:
- 1 CPU Core
- 35GB SSD

If you have any concerns or questions, just let me know!


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