Speed Up Your Wordpress Website - 2X Speed Guaranteed for $95

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Speed Up Your Wordpress Website - 2X Speed Guaranteed

Think That Speeding Up Your Website Isn’t Important?

Think again.

.A 1-second delay in page load time yields:
57% fewer page views
53% decrease in customer satisfaction
75% loss in conversions

A few extra seconds could have a huge impact on your ability to engage visitors and make sales.

This means that having a fast site is essential - not just for ranking well with Google, but for keeping your bottom-line profits high.

Are You Worried Now?


How long does the process take?
We complete our optimization tasks in the first 24 hours. In most cases, after tasks completed - you’ll get your final results with a before/after report. However, in some rare cases, we need extra 2/3 days for complicated websites.

How much faster will my site be?
Our average increase rate is 150%. In most cases, you can expect at least a 100% improvement on your website loading time.

How can you guarantee a speed increase?
Our team is very strong on WordPress speed optimization, this let us find each potential optimization tasks and fix the problems that lead slowness. When we have done an analysis of a big group of WordPress sites, we’ve seen that we can optimize 98% of them. This helped us to build our risk-free refund policy.

What if something breaks during the process?
You will not see any breaks since we have a strong testing policy on our team. We test your website both on desktop & mobile after each small change to see if something got broken. If something got broken, we fix it for 1 or 2 minutes.

Do you work on the live website?
Since speed optimizations and tests should be checked on the live website, we work on live websites. By working on live websites, we are enabled to test your website after each of our tasks to see if something got broken or not. However, if you would like us to work on your development or staging environment — no problem, we work on it too.

How do you check site speed?
We use various tools to see potential improvement areas. We mostly use GTmetrix and Pingdom, since they are the best tools — they do speed tests like real users. We are focused on exact speed increase, not the scores that other tools give.

Do you use Google Pagespeed Insights?
Yes, we use it to find areas to improve. However, it doesn't actually measure site speed. It checks your site against a checklist of technical best practices. It's actually possible to get a very high score in Pagespeed Insights, 90/100 or above, and still, have a very slow loading site. Pagespeed Insights also completely ignores critically important elements like geographic location, DNS hosting speed and reliability, content delivery networks and often spits out a bunch of recommendations that at best are marginal speed improvements. GTmetrix and Pingdom are way better than Google Pagespeed Insights for speed measurement.

Do I need to move hosting companies?
No, it’s not required. However, we will tell you as a suggestion if it’s needed.

Can you optimize WooCommerce sites?
Yes, absolutely. Half of the sites we work with using Woocommerce.

What information do you need to optimize my site speed?
We need a WordPress login and FTP/cPanel access. If you are not comfortable sharing any password, you can create temporary users for us or share passwords with LastPass. We also need domain registrar login for your Cloudflare migration. If you’re not comfortable sharing your domain registrar login (which is completely understandable) we can give you the DNS servers to point your domain at once we’re ready to switch over to Cloudflare.

Is CloudFlare migration required?
It’s not required but it’s recommended. CloudFlare is one of the best CDN services in the world. It helps you to serve your website to users from the closest servers. It has a good effect on speed.

Can you briefly explain what’s the process?
First of all, we make a detailed analysis of your website and let you know the tasks and target result. After we agree with you on targets, we get login details from you. Then, we test login information in a few hours and let you know if one of them not working. After we got all correct login details, we start working on your project by executing tasks one by one. In 24 hours, we complete our first optimization and let you know the improvement and next actions like CloudFlare migration. After the last tasks & tests, we send you and final report and close the project if you're stasfied.

Is my website safe with you?
Yes, we have worked successfully with 500+ clients in 2018-2021. They have never experienced a security issue — even a small one. We never store your passwords, even our developers don’t see your password since we share them with LastPass. And we remove your passwords after the project is completed.

Will my website's design & functionality remain the same?
Yes, exactly the same. In some cases, we can advise you some changes that can affect speed positively but they are totally optional.

Do you work with WordPress optimized web hosts?
Yes, we do. Most of our clients host their websites on WP Engine, SiteGround, Kinsta or BlueHost. They are great options for hosting a WordPress site but you will still need to optimize your WordPress to get the maximum benefit from WordPress optimized web hosts.

Do your optimizations work with mobile devices?
Yes, absolutely. We are aware that speed is more critical for mobile experience - so yes we always do our optimization for both desktop and mobile loading times.

Should I expect downtime?
Never. No, none of our tasks will result in downtime - even a little time. For an emergency case, we always track your uptime while we are working on your website.

Do you provide support after the optimization is done?
Yes, we do provide support after our project completed. Free email responses forever, and hands-on work for 1 month.

What kind of reporting do you provide?
We provide before/after comparison report on loading time, counts of requests and size of pages.

Can you help us switch hosting?
Yes, our business package includes hosting migration.

Do you audit our WordPress plugins?
Yes, we analyze the currently active plugins and recommend alternatives if needed.

Do you work with custom themes and plugins?
Yes, we work on custom themes and plugins. However, they can take more time as you understand.

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