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User Ratings

  • FaresJ
    FaresJ 1 month ago

    Views dropped and still haven't been fixed tho i asked you before your new coming. Please check back!


  • WorldMidia
    WorldMidia 3 months ago

    good work soldier

    • afreenv

      Thank You sir 

  • UTKPromo
    UTKPromo 3 months ago

    Awesome work! Recommend use of this service

  • CajaBizo
    CajaBizo 3 months ago

    That's ok Afreen V

    Thank You


  • WorldMidia
    WorldMidia 3 months ago

    good soldier work gold

    • afreenv

      Professional buyer
      You're the best , keep bringing the work

  • donii
    donii 3 months ago


    • afreenv

      We are very Delighted to have a Buyer Like You
      and we would like to thank you for choosing our services
      among many other Service Providers.
      We expect a lot more work from You

  • MSafa
    MSafa 4 months ago

    Great thanks so much

    • afreenv

      More work expected from you

  • atabenli
    atabenli 4 months ago

    Order is complete. Thank you very much. Great seller. I always buy from this seller. Thanks! Order is complete. Thank you very much. Great seller. I always buy from this seller. Thanks! Order is complete. Thank you very much. Great seller. I always buy from this seller. Thanks!

  • CajaBizo
    CajaBizo 4 months ago

    That's ok afreenv

    Thank You


    • afreenv

      You're Professional buyer!
      Thanks,keep it coming

  • lthao
    lthao 5 months ago


    • afreenv

      Thank You sir. Great to work for you.

  • rim1
    rim1 5 months ago


  • s4Promotions
    s4Promotions 5 months ago

    great service as always!!

    • afreenv

      Thank You sir. Great to work for you.

  • itsarsworld
    itsarsworld 5 months ago

    Great work always delivers as expected. Great seller. Highly recommend. Shop with comfidence. Seller over delivered with extras
    i will definitely be coming back. Thank you for a fast delivery with lots of extras. You are the best around

    • afreenv

      Thank You sir. Great to work for you.

Buyers Comments

  • junkey

    are these likes usa likes?

    6 years ago
  • Sololay

    Likes are dropping. I went from 10300 to 9678 over night

    5 years ago
  • afreenv

    no chance of drop Sir, if it is so, give me the order number in my inbox

    2 years ago
  • ritaq

    You just dont like to do yuour work dont you,for me as long as I dont hire you anymore I really dont care what you do with those 200 and in other thing you told me things that are lie about seoclercks because Dillon told me this:
    Service images can be updated anytime through the normal editing area.--So is awfull lie what you said to me.
    So you are hypocryte person

    Ye and thats what I wanted to know pal because this seller promised that his likes would never drop and is just a huge lie thats why I purchased the package that said 1200 on the picture,this guy served only 1000 when he had to deliver 1200+ because a good seller consider drops but from your words dear friend,this seller likes must be gone in 15 days ,this is the kind of hypocryte whos product drops like hell,now the only thing he dont dare is to guarantee drops,Jesus

    4 years ago
  • pre10da

    I used the service, was not happy with the spam comments. Disappointing

    2 years ago
  • jocy

    Can you do that in 12 hours?

    2 years ago
  • Candy87

    Please imma order make sure views , likes, and COMMENTS stay nondrop. R they nondrop?

    2 years ago
  • jocy

    I already made the order, give me your best angel

    2 years ago
  • afreenv

    Thanks, will surely give the best

    2 years ago
  • planethit

    Hello dear

    I want 100K real views on my video with the guarantee decreasing

    + 100 LIKE + 30 comments

    Waiting for your response to request the service and thank you

    2 years ago
  • planethit

    hello dear
    i'm waiting for your response

    2 years ago
  • beshoy2003

    all the views disappears make sure to get them back on this link

    it was 100K view

    2 years ago
  • pre10da

    I put in an order, and paid you, but you have not done anything? Your status says online!

    1 year ago
  • lifewithit

    i need 400k view in 2-3 day ? inbox for me

    1 year ago
  • gogorago

    I want 5000 Youtube views for only one video , please advice How long time to complete this request ? and how much it will cost ?

    12 months ago
  • idealmike

    Hey how come you don't respond to me? You didn't add the likes too just the views. Can you advise?

    11 months ago
  • achabiismail

    The worst seller !!!!! Views are decreasing because fake !!!!
    The worst seller He doesn't want to refund me my money !!! and My video then delete it up from youtube because fake views

    9 months ago
  • samkingfisher

    ready is it still available how do i send you my link

    4 months ago
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