• Ultimate REAL YouTube Video Promotion Service
  • Ultimate REAL YouTube Video Promotion Service
After a long time of providing YouTube promotion services to hundreds of happy clients time and again, that is a culmination of all my popular YouTube promotion services and what can only be described as the Ultimate YouTube Video Promotion Service.
What you'll actually get in this service.
  • 150 YouTube Group posts.These are the biggest YouTube groups especially for promoting and sharing YouTube videos on!
  • 50 Biggest Group posts.We'll post to 50+ of the biggest groups also. Some of these groups have 500k+ users in them!
  • 20 Page posts in Your Niche.We'll target Pages in your niche and post to them. These will have a high stick rate as they're related to the Page.
  • 20 Google Plus YouTube Community posts.We'll post to 20+ different Google+ Communities for promoting, posting and sharing YouTube videos on.
  • 10 Google Plus Your Niche Community posts.We'll also look for G+ Communities in your niche and post to them as well. All with different accounts.
  • 25 Top Social Bookmarking site Bookmarks.We'll manually bookmark your video to the top 25+ Internet's social bookmarking sites. Boosting your videos rank.
  • 500 Social Signals pins, tweets, likes, shares.A mix of social signals from the biggest social media sites.
  • 10 Big Pinterest Community Board Pins.We will pin your video to 10 of Pinterest's BIGGEST Community boards. They have many thousands of users in them and can get your videos many many views and subs.
  • 10 video uploads and submission to top 10 video sites.
    We'll upload and or embed your video to the Internet's top 10 video submission and sharing sites. These will be your video in HD with a description and link to your YouTube channel.
  • Reddit + Google 1st Page Results Trick (As Service Extra).We'll rank your video on the 1st page of Google using my elite Reddit ranking method!
All boosting and promoting your video in a 100% safe way!

Reasons to Buy My Ultimate Service
? Affordable white hat YouTube safe video marketing service.
All posts manually created, no bots or tools used.
Free report provided after all work is complete.
Level 3X Trusted Seller with many great feedback.
100% natural and safe video ranking effect.
Improves your videos metrics and YouTube ranking.
Money back guarantee.
Satisfaction guaranteed!

Appealing and Interesting Promotional Message!

Don't know what to say to make your video stand out? We can create an appealing and stimulating promotional message for you with a call-to-action that encourages and entices people to click play!

  • Is This Service Safe?Yes this service is 100% safe for Google YouTube videos. We only do real white hat ethical safe and friendly and fun YouTube SEO and promotion that makes Google and YouTube smile on you.[/*]
  • How Long Does it Take to Complete the Work?
    A good few days! We'll start working on your order straight away on the first day and be fully completed with everything in a week or less. We'll go fairly fast and remain consistent, but we'll also take it fairly easy depending on how already popular your video is!
  • How Many Views/Likes or Subscribers Will I Get?From a few to a few scores and more. Hey look, I can't promise you anything only that we'll do the work and do a good job. Sometimes videos can go viral when they get that social media punch. Honestly it all depends on your video and if its appealing to the users/fans. If your post that is shared to the groups is appealing it can go viral for a long time, get likes, comments etc for years to come. Also posting once isn't as beneficial as posting several times a day which is why we offer extras in this service! Generally speaking though most videos get between 1-3k views, 50 likes and half as subs on a good day and good campaign.
  • What is Allowed and what is Not?Any video that is safe-for-work. Most things accepted in any niche/genre. Contact us first if you're unsure and we'll let you know and advise you. We prefer to do music and gaming videos, reviews, testimonials anything really that is super popular funny cat videos? No problem! Affiliate marketing videos? No problem! We're flexible get in touch!
  • How Many Page posts will I Get?For the standard service around 20 on the biggest Pages related to your niche but for our bigger campaigns up to 50 or 100+. We target actual Pages and Communities in YOUR niche.
  • How Many Group posts Will I Get?From 150+ for our standard package and up to 300 or 500 for our bigger packages. Standard 150+ big YouTube group posts and 50+ of the other big advertising groups. (These are the biggest groups).
  • How Many Google Plus Community posts Will I Get?Standard around 20+ all posted by different accounts. From 50 to 100 with our bigger packages. This can have a massive effect on your video!
  • How Many Social Bookmarks Will I Get?Around 25 for standard package. Up to 50 or 100 for bigger campaign packages. These will be on the top social bookmarking sites.
  • How Many Social Signals Will I Get?You'll get approx 500 social signals made up of tweets/retweets, pins/repins, likes/shares, Pinterest pins, Linked shares etc. This will have a guaranteed positive ranking effect on your video!
  • What are Pinterest Community Board Pins?These are pins (bookmarks) to big Pinterest community boards. These boards have many hundreds of thousands of users in them and you can only pin to these boards if you're invited to them as we are. We will pin your video to boards that closely match your video genre/type!
  • How Many Video Uploads and Embeds Will I Get?We'll upload and embed your video to the top 10 video uploading sites like Vimeo, Veoh, Metacafe, etc. Last for life and help so well.
  • Can You Really Rank My Video on Google 1st Page Result?Yes probably! Not the video itself but a Reddit submission for sure! Maybe. Probably.... It depends on how tough the competition is but generally its doable and helps the video anyway so it's well worth doing!
  • What Country Are The Groups Mostly in?Most of the groups and pages that we post to are US based groups. About 70% US, 20% UK and rest Worldwide European countries. We can post to Groups/Pages in any language you want us to.
  • Do These Posts Show As Social Signals?Yes! They show up in Analytics as part of your Social Presence and as Shares/Likes and Comment social signals for any shares/likes & comments the posts get. Increases your YouTube video rank!
  • How Many videos / description / image Can I Use/Have Posted?We accept 1 YouTube video URL for the service at a time. You can provide your own message to post or we can make one for you! Any video URL can be used, YouTube, Vimeo, embedded videos etc. YouTube videos preferred as they are auto-embedded nicely!
  • What Are The Group Polls in the Extras About/For?Polls are different to normal group posts because polls are much more interactive and twice as naturally viral! Polls give people a way to interact with your post and naturally can't help but click on their choice in the poll. After they've done this, they'll usually always do the Call-To-Action, visit your link/video and be more likely to like/subscribe/comment.
  • How Many Times to Run to See Best Results?Purchasing the service several times can increase the effectiveness that it can have on your video in the SERPs and on YouTube itself. Due to other demand we recommend using the service at least 2-3 times a month which can have great results! But up to 4-5 times p/m for really explosive results if you have a really good popular video!
  • What Do We Require?Your Video URL: Optionally provide a description to use. Tell us something about the video when ordering. Give us something to go on! That's it, we'll handle the rest and work our magic on it for you! If there is not much to go on. We can come up with things for you if you want and often mix the promotion up with using different enticing descriptions/messages and Call-To-Actions etc tailored for your video.
  • Do I Get A Report?Yes we keep a record of everything in a file for you all neat and organized so you can see exactly what we have done for you in the promotion and how its all come together.
  • What's the Guarantee?We guarantee to do all the work as advertised on this page. I can't guarantee 100's of views, likes, comments, subs etc but there is no reason why your video will not increase in views, gain likes, comments and subs from using this service. But if we haven't got you more views, likes, subs and comments and haven't done the work for you in 7 days max you can ask for a refund no questions asked!
Do you have any more questions!? If you have any more questions or want to know more about anything send me a private message on here anytime.

Price for this service: Just $39!

That's crazy low price for such an amazing REAL YouTube video promotion service!

Coupon codes available for my recent/previous clients!
If you've used one of my similar service before, message me first letting me know you want to order this one and I'll give you a straight 10% discount code! I also give discount code to all buyer that use my service twice. On 2nd purchase you get 10% discount code. On subsequent purchases I give 20% discount code. I'm a generous guy but it just means the more times you order, the cheaper it gets for you!

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Do you need more YouTube promotion?
Better video ranking in Google?
Then don't even hesitate!
Let's Get You Noticed!

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  • greatsthe
    greatsthe 25 days ago

    Idealmike did a great job as usual.Thanks Again

  • greatsthe
    greatsthe 1 month ago

    Mike does a great job, he delivered exactly as promised. Thanks again

    • idealmike

      Thanks and welcome and to your success my friend! A+++

  • Sweetjimmyz
    Sweetjimmyz 2 months ago

    Perfect work and customer service

    • idealmike

      Thanks! It was a pleasure to work on this for you and we wish you all the best with it. Cheers and to your success! A+++

  • cafemusic
    cafemusic 5 months ago

    good work Mike... I see first effects after two days without buying the vievs ... Thanks.

    • idealmike

      Thanks! And welcome! We appreciate your order and wish you all the best cheers! A+++

  • Legacy777
    Legacy777 5 months ago

    Okay thanks, will be checking everything when I am available.

    And then I will be giving a positive feedback once checked.

    Thanks Mike for this service!

    • idealmike

      You're welcome! Thanks for your order and business and all the best to you! A++++

  • gpawan77
    gpawan77 6 months ago

    Nice gig

    • idealmike


  • philmf
    philmf 6 months ago

    Awesome job, thanks very much! This got a 1st page google listing for "camgirl starmaker", and probably some other stuff as well!! May try again in the future with some new search terms. THANKS THANKS!!

    • idealmike

      Thanks and welcome! That's great! I see it. A good example and testament to the positive affects and benefits this work can have! Thanks for your order and I look forward to your next! Cheers and to your success! A++++

  • douglaslane3
    douglaslane3 7 months ago


    • idealmike

      Thanks for your order and to your success! A+++++

  • Legacy7
    Legacy7 7 months ago

    Great Mike, was just going over some of the stuff you did, and this service was great. Will be ordering again for another game, could you give me a discount code ;)


    How long does it take for my video to become visible to the YouTube search (only if it does)?

    Just wondering can you check if this keyword is competitive or all good to rank top 3 or 5: gta 5 free shark cards

    Thanks Mike, will be ordering soon until I get the cash, will be in a few weeks. Good job!

    • idealmike

      Thanks Lishan you're welcome and most definitely! I'll send you one shortly! And as for your questions, I'll send you a PM shortly with the answers to them questions too. Can only put so many characters here! Cheers again and to your success my friend! A+++++++

  • Henry11112222
    Henry11112222 8 months ago


    • idealmike

      Thanks for your business and we wish you the best of success in your YouTube endeavors! It was a pleasure to work on this for you and I look forward to your next orders! Cheers! A+++++++

  • MattB88
    MattB88 9 months ago

    Thanks Mike!

    • idealmike

      Welcome! A++++++

  • kima27
    kima27 10 months ago

    Great work once again from Mike, thank you!!

    • idealmike

      Thanks Kim. To your success girl! A++

  • MattB88
    MattB88 11 months ago

    Hey bro sorry been extremely busy in the studio. Thanks for delivering my man!

    • idealmike

      Hey any time you're very welcome and to your success! A+++

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      Thanks again and to your success! A+++

  • zzfan1994
    zzfan1994 11 months ago

    Thank you very much SeoClerk!

    Yes the video i have provided has English, Russian, Thai, Korean and Vietnamese 5 languages! all made by his global fans

    I have a question, since he is Asian, do you have a way to promote him to the social media sites in Asia? He has a lot of fans in Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnan, and China.

    The website I read from your reports are cool, I am thinking about buying the second round , please let me know if you could help with promotion in Asian orient

    • idealmike

      Hi zzfan thanks for your kind feedback! It's always a pleasure to help such great well deserving people to get ahead on social media! And in regards to your question, yes, we can search for and target Asian pages, groups and communities. That's the beauty of this service in that we are able to do that. Let me know before ordering and I'll do you a discount code. Thanks once again and to your success! A+++++++

  • str1k3
    str1k3 11 months ago

    For me this service is not positive because the results are not enough. The video is grown of a bit, but it's the same grown that my videos have naturally without this service. We've talked about another kind of service but my feedback is positive because He wrote me a lot of emails to change my negative feedback so I prefer change my feedback to stop this bombing.

  • Gabetaylor100
    Gabetaylor100 11 months ago

    Thanks bro great work

    • idealmike

      You sir are always welcome! That's all I like to hear thanks Gabe respect and a toast to your success! A++++

  • MysticMac
    MysticMac 1 year ago

    Alright, thanks.

    • idealmike

      Okay welcome! A+++

  • sigmex
    sigmex 1 year ago

    Excellent Good Job !!!

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      Thanks! That's what I like to hear! Fantastic client! A++++++++

  • sigmex
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    Awesome Excellent Job +AAAA

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    is this service active ???

    2 years ago
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    Yes, all my services are active.

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