• Send US MOBILE Traffic To Your Website
  • Send US MOBILE Traffic To Your Website
We will send 2500 real US Mobile Traffic up to 5 niches/category.

Mobile Traffic Geo-Targeting:
Before - US and Canada
Now - US, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and India.

Overall we can handle large amounts of Mobile traffic from all of these countries. For US and Canada, I would expect 250k or greater per day per order, with a divided amount if sorting by OS. For other countries, we can handle up to 100k per day per order.

NOTE: After your traffic campaign is running, inbox me if you want to add a few Geo/Countries Targeting on your order and also add up to 4 categories. It is free of charge!

  1. Traffic starts in 24 hours for the first day.
  2. No cheat, no tricks, simply real.
  3. No Proxy based bot traffic which many are selling right now.
  4. No pops or breaking scripts permitted.
  5. The Sound is allowed.
  6. US Mobile Traffic( Other Countries, please request on the fill-in requirement )
  7. REAL human visitors
  8. iOS(Apple) and Android OS
** Before placing an order - Please read our TOS - https://goo.gl/XZbi1g

All our traffic is 100% Adsense Safe. Guarantee delivery. Look no further, try us today.

The fact is, to focus on one country, is not an easy thing to do. In addition, we hate sending auto fake(software), Bot, useless traffic.

We accept both Google URL Shortener (Goo.gl) & bit.ly/bitly.com URLs for tracking purposes. We will not honor any other method of tracking due to OS restrictions. Not all mobile devices support all types of trackers.

US Mobile is 100% trackable in Google Analytics.

I saw your traffics but really have 28% traffic PC, It’s not mobile traffic

The Windows bracket has nothing to do with desktops. There are many many tablets (like Surface) and many flavors of windows based mobile phones. If we look at the UserAgent values for Windows of which you would see they are from Mobile OS / Browsers.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

1) Is this US Mobile traffic or International traffic or What Countries Can I Target For Mobile Traffic?

Our base order is the US only Mobile Traffic. So, when you order US Mobile traffic, we only send USmobile traffic ONLY. For International mobile traffic, we only have UK and Canada. By common sense, traffic like mobile is impossible to be covered with all countries.

One of the reasons like the business category or niche you’re targeting.
Example – Football. How many people are interested inFootball at the location like Asian, Africa, and China?

So, we DO NOT use BOT / Software, or traffic exchange, like bot/followers bot, PTC etc, that’s why we do not have many countries for mobile traffic.

2) How does mobile traffic be generated or comes from?

Our network consists of many visitors. We simply read the operating system they are using through UserAgent detection and serve them a mobile ad based on their platform.

We place an iframe on domain names and websites in our network, which we load the client website in. We filter for mobile devices. The iframes are 250×250 up to full page.

3) How do you guarantee US Mobile tracks 100% in Google Analytics?
Regardless of what type of tracking is used, achieving100% is unheard of right out the gate. We will make sure the numbers match in the end, but if there are off by a few I would not be concerned. It will catch up to itself shortly.

Sample 1 - 2,598 Over delivered at the end

Sample 2 - 2,550+ Over delivered at the end

4) Can You send mobile traffic to a Facebook page?

Yes, you can send mobile visitors to a Facebook page.

5) Is there any way don’t direct all traffic to 1 page, but split to 3 or 4 pages?

There is not currently a way to rotate pages without creating different accounts. However, it is something we can look at into providing in the future if possible.

6) What versions of iOS did you deliver?

For iPhone, ios 6 & 7 are too old already. We try to deliver ios 8, 9 & 10 version.
Special attention is given to this. So, the delivery is a little longer. This is for a buyer who selected iPhone ios only.

7) How do you determine whether it is, in fact, a Bot?

We have been in the business for nearly two decades and have tested these sources with proprietary software. We also test heavily with DV and IAS for quality. None of them have passed DV and IAS and our systems have all flagged it as BOT. It is simple to do with a mouse tracker and viewability metrics.

When clicks happen within a site but the mouse never moves, it is a Bot.
When clear pixels designed to trigger on focus never fire, the traffic is never seen which also indicates BOT. We know exactly how these guys do it and choose not to go the same route.

8) Why sometimes the daily traffic not achieve?
This is because we do not blast useless auto 24 hours "Bot" traffic to your website. This is especially on a weekend where people stay offline. This is actually a good thing if you can consider.

9) What if I don't want to use Google Analytics for tracking?
You understand the fact that hit counters in your website “Do not accurately represent the amount visitors delivered to your website. This is because of the huge amounts of traffic delivered to the site within a relatively short period of time.

10) Why there is no signup or registration to my site?
We cannot control the acts of the individuals viewing your website and cannot be held responsible for these behaviors. Additionally, you understand that we will not guarantee sales or signups if none are to be achieved. No matter how we target a service, we can't guarantee sales. As there are so many variables involved. Examples: a) It could have been because you were selling stuff too expensive or the other factors. b) another thing is, in order to get the offer, a customer must click an "access" button and there is nothing about the site or content, just a lonely "access" button on the page. There are too many variables to calculate to give you a good answer.

11) Can I run CPA Campaign?

CPA offers are considered to be at your own risk type order. We have had many offers to run CPAs from CPA companies directly and our experience is they did not pay out as our leads came in. Sometimes they did, sometimes they did not. Sometimes they paid on some but not others. The inconsistency we experienced with these networks was far from acceptable.

If you want to run a CPA offer, it must be made clear (per our terms and conditions) that we do not guarantee you any signup, register...even you're using Guaranteed Signup traffic, no one can guarantee. For leads generation, it is advisable to use "Free to join program".
12) This is bot traffic or real people will visit our websites?
I see absolutely no benefit from this traffic. I have several SEO tools and all indications are, it's not real traffic and most likely bot. In Google Analytics my normal bounce rate (with organic traffic) varies between 17-34% now constantly hitting 70-80% It is not good and eventually will hurt my site. You only no the facts and if this is Bot, kindly stop that traffic. I don't want bot crawling my website. Thanks Shahin
Answer by the service owner:
We don't offer bot traffic in any way. In fact, the low bounce rate you state from previous would indicate bot traffic more than ours. Google and many other SEO sites state that bounce rates less than 50% are suspicious. The average bounce from Google Organic is 60%. Bots can control bounce rate and other factors. If we provided bot traffic, we would easily lower the bounce rate, but that is not the case. 70% bounce rate is completely normal and industry standard indication of real human traffic.
Answer by the same user:

Traffic is 100% human. No datacenters, no proxies. All real residential ips and active users.
People don't seem to understand that if their site is selling junk, it won't sell no matter how much traffic you throw at it. If you spend the time to find your market and know your audience you do well.

13) Time Span - Delivery?
Optional Delivery Time: You can choose either
  • 7-day
  • 14-day
  • 21-day
  • 30-day
For just 5-day or less, need more time to preapprove.

Side Note For Your Info:
If you're looking at Traffic that starts with 10,000 visitors and above for less than 5 bucks, this service is NOT for you. Please do not compare us with "Proxy-Based Bot Traffic which delivers similar like real visitors. However, we advise you to give them a try. We are more than confident they won't live up to your expectations.

Take a look at it. You will see that nearly all traffic is generated from Data centers.

Another thing is, why you need to pay more for category targeted traffic? Bot traffic. So how can something be highly responsive but not targeted? Be smart

I have read a message posted on a forum. Here is his message, "I have created a very good traffic bot. That can fake Google Analytics views easily (for example for sites sellers on Flippa). I can do that. This can be with any referrer, any activity on the site and it is impossible to detect as a bot". - Amazing, right?
What is the refund policy?

All product which has been utilized IS NOT entitled to a refund. So, strictly NO refund.
Therefore, take this into your consideration before ordering, and please read our Teams of service - https://goo.gl/XZbi1g

Category Targeting: ( Up to 5 Max)
>> Traffic will be sent according to your selected category, not simply plug in the URL and drive traffic to it.

All Orders Are Processed Monday To Sunday 10:00 - 24:00, Tuesday: 10.00 - 17:00
Visit here to view the current time in the Kuala Lumpur and see if I am available at these hours. Orders will not be processed and inbox messages will never be replied to outside these hours which can be viewed by checking here If you have a question please send your message through INBOX.

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User Ratings

  • mlubert
    mlubert 4 months ago

    Among the very best sellers I've encountered here on SEOClerks -- painstakingly thorough in the description of their service, completely honest about what one may reasonably expect from the service, and offering said service at a remarkably low price. Thank you very much!

    • promaster67

      You're welcome!
      Wish you all the best and success

      Have an outstanding day!

  • shahin48
    shahin48 11 months ago

    I see absolutely no benefit from this traffic. I have several SEO tools and all indications are, it's not real traffic and most likely bot. In Google Analytics my normal bounce rate (with organic traffic) varies between 17-34% now constantly hitting 70-80% It is not good and eventually will hurt my site. You only no the facts and if this is Bot, kindly stop that traffic. I don't want bot crawling my website.

    • promaster67

      Sorry, we do not have program/software/bot traffic to send to your site.
      The traffic is 100% Adsense safe.
      This is the Analytics tracking.

      If this is bot, we will send unlimited traffic to your site without changing anything, right?

      Thank you for the positive replied on April 01, 2018. Next time, pls don't jump into conclusion too fast,

  • ibtha14u
    ibtha14u 1 year ago


    • promaster67

      A great buyer with a really good patient.
      Thank you very much for ordering 
      Have an awesome day!

  • Taurusmedia
    Taurusmedia 2 years ago

    Very good services, i recommend it for all

    • promaster67

      Great buyer! Patient and understanding.
      Thank you

  • Sneakierpoem
    Sneakierpoem 2 years ago

    Hello. None of the clicks seem to be registering on my site. Could I send you the direct link without the google analytics URL, because I think that may be the issue.

    • promaster67

      The buyer is a very nice person and patient in waiting. This is especially on a weekend where people stay offline. Also because we do not blast useless auto 24 hours "Bot" traffic to the site.

      The issue here seems to be that in order to get to the offer, the visitor must click an "access" button. There is nothing about the site or content, just a lonely "access" button on the page.

      For your request, check your message.

Buyers Comments

  • promaster67

    Yes, IOS(Apple) only or Android OS only or both.
    Bear in mind, the traffic will not so fast if only one OS is selected.
    However, total traffic will be matched on Google Analytics at the end.

    1 year ago
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