Let’ s Do it Live! The Power of Instagram Live

Let’ s Do it Live! The Power of Instagram Live

Did you know Instagram goes as far back as 2012? Today, it now has over a billion users.

Many small businesses use Instagram to promote their products. It also allows you to get in touch with your customers! If you're starting up an Instagram business account, you should look into Instagram Live.

Instagram made its platform more friendly to business owners. With the right strategy, you can use Instagram Live and boost your business account. Read on to discover the benefits of an Instagram live stream and how to go live on Instagram.

Benefits of Using Instagram Live

Why even consider using Instagram Live? What can it do for your business or brand? It starts by boosting exposure to your audience:


A huge proportion of Instagram posts are never seen. With Instagram Live, you can ensure that your followers can see your updates. Instagram pushes Live videos to the front of the Instagram stories list.

Instagram users often watch stories. Going live on Instagram ensures that your live stream is the first thing they see.

Instagram Live streams get highlighted, which increases viewer interest and helps you get more views. Instagram also has a push notification feature. With this turned on, your viewers will get a notification whenever you go live.

Increase Engagement

Instagram stories generally receive more engagement than regular Instagram posts. Users may DM or Direct Message an account in response to a story post. Instagram Live takes this a step further.

With Instagram Live, you can interact with your viewers in real-time. You can have a live Q&A session with your viewers. You can give your viewers a look at your business behind the scenes or even play games.

Instagram Live opens a wide platform for conversation. Regular interaction with your customers creates a strong bond. And unlike Instagram stories, live streams don't give you a time limit!


To make an online business work, you need to establish brand authenticity. Consumers like to buy from trustworthy brands. Authenticity is important for your business because it draws in more users to help it grow.

Keep in mind that 70% of people trust brand recommendations. Instagram Live can help build your brand because it breaks down the walls between producer and buyer.

Buyers tend to trust brands that interact with their customers regularly. Instagram Live allows you to establish a message and brand personality. With Instagram Live, you can have a personal and genuine face-to-face conversation with your audience.


In the digital world, live content gives viewers a sense of urgency. Live events call consumers to take the call to action. Live content is generally more attractive than average content.

Users watch live content in fear that they might miss important information like a sale or a huge deal. Going live on Instagram gives you the chance to get your viewers invested. You can replay your live streams for about 24 hours after the original stream.

Give your customers a deal that they can't afford to lose!

Tips for Incorporating Instagram Live

Interested now in using Instagram Live? Great, but don’t hop in without planning. Consider the following tips first:

Identify Your Goals

Before you create a detailed marketing strategy plan, first identify your goals. Instagram Live streams are effective, but only when used properly. Your Instagram Live steam must have a direct and main focus to drive your viewers to keep watching.

Think about what information you want to share with your viewers. Outline a possible list of questions and comments you might get from your viewers. Determine how long you want your live stream to be and know which themes and topics to prioritize.

Having a proper plan before going live ensures that you will be able to keep the viewer's interest. Also, take the time to learn more about social media marketing!

Maintain Value

Instagram Live should be a unique type of content from your regular Instagram posts. Instagram Live gives you a platform to present new and interesting content. With that in mind, ensure that your live content comes off as a natural extension to your brand.

Your Instagram live streams may be ineffective if your content doesn't add to the experience. Improve existing relationships and build new ones by making your live streams worthwhile. Your viewers may start to look forward to your live streams and tune in regularly.

Try Influencer Marketing

Social media are breeding grounds for healthy business relationships. Instagram is home to many influencers. By connecting with an influencer, you're also connecting to their large following count.

If you want to promote a new product, consider working with an influencer. You may get more visitors because of the promotion from a trusted figure. Influencers already have a dedicated following, so hiring one allows you to reach a larger audience.

Look for influencers who support your brand message. Going live with them on Instagram may stir excitement in your audience. You're sure to find people who can enjoy your products and services.

Ideas for Instagram Live Videos

Not sure what kind of content to produce? Are your usual business videos not enough to keep content coming every other day? Here are a few ideas you can try out.

Behind the Scenes

Showing your viewers what's going behind the scenes is a great way to establish integrity. Your viewers may get the chance to learn something new about your brand.

Hold An FAQ Session

If your products have accumulated questions, an Instagram Live provides a great time to answer them! Instagram Live allows you to answer old questions and give new insights. Going live with your viewers allows you to avoid misunderstandings.

Debuting New Products and Services

Live streaming on Instagram is a great opportunity to reveal new products. You may show off a new piece in a clothing line or debut a new beverage in your cafe. Use live streams as an opportunity to promote a new product or service.

Take Advantage of the Power of Instagram Live Now!

Instagram Live is a useful and easy-to-use marketing tool, especially for small businesses. If you want to establish an online presence, go live on Instagram! Watch your follower count grow and retain loyal consumers.

Need help managing your online business? Want to know the best way to market your products online? Contact us today!

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