A Guide to Writing a Professional Bio (With Examples)

A Guide to Writing a Professional Bio (With Examples)

The freelancing industry is a competitive landscape. It serves several functions including web design, commission art, content development, and more. Some clients are picky when looking for freelance workers.

Many freelancers and other professionals know to secure a resume and cover letter. When securing a new job offer, your employer may ask you to send a personal bio. A personal bio is an essential aspect of a powerful career document.

A professional bio entry can give you a boost in the competitive freelance industry. In this article, we give you some tips on writing professional bio entries. Read on to discover some great bio examples and start writing yours today!

Determine Your Point of View

Context is vital in writing professional bio entries. Most company websites feature third-person bios. Freelancers with online websites write their professional bios in the first person.

Ask your editor or manager which perspective is more important when writing a work bio. If you have a personal website, consider using a more personal tone. Use the first-person point of view if you want a personal tone.

State Your Name and Company

Introduce yourself at the beginning of your professional bio. Make your first and last name as the first two words of your bio. Even if you have your name printed on top of your bio, repeating it can make you more memorable.

State your current company or employer. This gives potential clients a hint to your experience and industry. This allows them to know whether or not you're available for hire.

You may skip this step if you're self-employed or are not currently employed. If you're a freelancer, add a pseudonym or personal business name that you use to advertise to clients. You may mention any brand-associated names that you use.

Explain Your Business and Occupation

Use your next few lines to identify your business and current position. You may use this section to describe your work and what you do in your position. Do not assume your readers know your job description.

Your professional bio serves to inform readers and potential clients. If you're currently employed, place your current occupation or job position. If you're unemployed and writing for an online profile, you may list a previous job position.

Explain your business and occupation within the first two sentences of your bio. Readers may lose interest if you place this later in your bio. You may replace a job title with a job proposition statement for optimizing website SEO.

Add At Least One Personal Achievement

Use your bio to inform readers of your personal achievements. Convince them of what makes you a valuable member of your industry. Identify accomplishments that can make you stand out in your industry.

You may include:

  • Major career milestones
  • Industry awards
  • Accomplishments on the job
  • Speaking appearances

If you have no personal achievements, share your contributions in the industry. You can talk about your new approaches or ideas to entice your readers. Highlight your areas of expertise and any skills that readers may think are valuable.

Describe Your Values

Workplace values refer to your guiding principles. These may pertain to values important to your work ethic. Your values and ethic can help you in making the right decisions.

Employers value people who have a strong work ethic. It can reveal a potential employee's attributes and abilities. It can also determine an employee's flexibility and adaptability in a working environment.

When writing professional bio entries, describe your values. Illustrate how it forms your career. Tell your readers why you do what you do and how valuable you can be.

Identify values that potential clients will view as a worthwhile investment. You can begin your bio conclusion in this manner.

Share Your Identity Outside of Work

Sharing personal details are optional in writing professional bio entries. But adding personal details can help humanize you. It can help potential clients to understand you better as an individual and not only an employee.

You may include:

  • Your hobbies and interests
  • Favorite shows, movies, or books
  • Details about family life
  • Sports that you play, if any
  • Favorite music
  • Favorite travel destinations
  • A side job or side projects, if any

When you're writing a professional bio, try to avoid humor. This may depend on the platform or social media where you will publish your bio. Avoid adding embarrassing or intimate details.

Add a Call to Action and Contact Details

End your bio by adding a call to action. This encourages readers to find and get in touch with you. Remember to add your contact details.

Add your business email address. You may add a personal phone number. You may also add links to your social media or a personal website.

Bio Examples

Professional bios may differ depending on the occupation. Here are some bio examples. Feel free to use these as a guide to writing your own.

Emily Hunt

Emily Hunt is a freelance artist who works with digital and traditional mediums. In 2019, she won an international art competition. She made an appearance at an artist demonstration program.

Emily spends her weekdays' hiking and visiting the local theater. She believes in delivering quality first. She believes in maintaining positive thinking in a work environment.

John Malarkey

John Malarkey is the founder and CEO of Malarkey Publishing. He runs a publishing company for independent writers. John helped famous writers like Juan Dela Cruz and Jane Doe publish their most popular works.

John believes that passion and work can become one. On special occasions, John goes camping and fishing with his wife. He enjoys a strong cup of coffee and a good Netflix movie on Sundays.

Start Writing a Professional Bio Now!

Professional bios are essential to business websites and social media. Now you know some great tips for writing professional bio entries. Use these tips to make a bio template for your next professional bio.

Need help in writing a professional bio for your website? Are you looking for other online marketing tips? Contact us today!

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