Part 4: Start To Finish - Building A Website And Profiting

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Part 4: Start To Finish - Building A Website And Profiting

In this part I will go over paid advertising because I get a lot of questions about how I can put up an ad and be profitable.

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And Here, We, Go!

There are multiple PPC platforms like Adwords and Adcenter (bing and yahoos platform) and they can yield an amazing ROI (return of/on investment) in a very short time if done right.


Adwords is by far the more popular pay per click platform because it is ran by Google and they are the biggest search engine today pulling in roughly 70% to 80% of all search traffic each and every day.

When setting up your adwords account you should always use your personal email and not a website support email because your personal email will more than likely outlive your website. Registration is pretty simple and all you need is a bank account and some personal information for billing purposes. I think now you can even set up an adwords account and not even have a website set up.

Building your ads can be a tricky thing to do. You'll need to split test a lot of your ads since some of the ads you think would do great, will actually be pretty horrible. I've set up ads that I thought were garbage and they converted much better than the ads I took 20 minutes to analyze and set up.

In your ads you should get a number in there, whether it be your pricing or if you're running a short ad and you put "3 days left" to show urgency. Either way, this is a great way to entice clicks and it also lets people know what they're clicking through to.

Get your relevancy as close to 10 as possible. The higher the relevancy, the lower your cost per click will be. Relevancy is calculated by how well your ad matches the page you're linking to. Another factor is how well your ad is working with the traffic on Google. If you're getting a good CTR (click through rate) you'll see your relevancy jump up a bit. I've noticed that my relevancy always goes up after a week because Google now has enough data to more accurately evaluate my ad and website.


Now if you read everything I typed about Google up above this, you'll probably be able to run adcenter the exact same way since it's a similar platform for a similar search engine. There aren't any differences in how they display ads and how they evaluate your website and ad. So pretty much you can use the same step by step I posted about Google and use it for Yahoo! and Bings advertising platform, adcenter.


Now BSA (BuySellAds) can be a great thing or your worst nightmare. You just have to be smart about your ad buys since you don't get a refund based on poor performance. Do your research before just picking any ad that says they will show your banner to 1,000,000 people.

Impressions are based on how many times your ad is seen, and this is how BSA will show you what ads are better than others. But this isn't always the case because the page where you're advertising may load 100,000 times, but your ad is in the footer where no one looks. Even if someone doesn't scroll all the way down, it still counts as an impression and this is a trick people use to increase the pricing of their less than amazing ad spots Part 4: Start To Finish - Building A Website And Profiting Search for ads that are above the fold, meaning you don't have to scroll down in order to see the ad.

Your banner/image choice plays a huge deal in how well your ad will perform. I'd suggest hiring a banner designer here on SeoClerks and getting a few designs for each size made so that you can split test them. I like to do a static ad (doesn't move or flash), an ad with a call to action button "CLICK HERE" that flashes slightly, and a very annoying ad that constantly flashes in order to stand out from almost anything online. Running all 3 at the same time will give you a better understanding of what will work best on the website you choose to advertise on. After 2 weeks you'll get a good idea of what ad is performing best and you can pause the two that aren't performing as well.

Secret Methods:

This is truly an untapped method that can be used in any niche. I know right now you're saying "Thank You For This! Buy why are you telling us?" I'm telling you because it can't be saturated Part 4: Start To Finish - Building A Website And Profiting

Have you ever hear of WHOIS? Sure you have, a lot of us know what that is and if you don't, I'll tell you. WHOIS basically shows all the information a website was registered with. It will typically give you a name, address, email and sometimes the phone number of who registered the domain name. The person who registered the domain name is typically the person in charge of the advertising as well.

You can search whois records easily right here:

Now you have an email and possibly a phone number of the website owner who owns the website you want to advertise on. I usually just email the person once a week for 4 weeks and see if they respond, but if they aren't responding to that you can always give them a call ;)

The pricing for these websites is usually cheaper since they haven't thought of advertising sections on their website. You can ask them how many uniques they're getting each month and pitch them a price off of that. If you can get an ad spot for $50 to $100 and the website is getting 100,000 uniques a month, you've just found an ad that will give you a serious ROI Part 4: Start To Finish - Building A Website And Profiting

This is just part 4 or at least 6 of my "Start To Finish - Building A Website And Profiting" guide.

Stay Tuned!

- Razzy


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I just went trough all 4 parts of your story so i am commenting only this last one. All correctly said, fair play Part 4: Start To Finish - Building A Website And Profiting Hope that newbie will find this to read before they start, because starts can be very hard if you go into wrong direction with either of this points you wrote. maybe specially with web hosting, most of people get very bad experience until they find really good hosting if they not research before they start. I also keep my domains on Godaddy, some time i had my sites hosted there and i even had dedicated server, but i was never completely satisfied with their hosting, while they are probably best for domain names.
Thanks for sharing your great experience and good luck with your online business Part 4: Start To Finish - Building A Website And Profiting

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Hey awebservices,

Be sure to check out parts 5 and 6 Part 4: Start To Finish - Building A Website And Profiting Also, part 7 is on it's way Part 4: Start To Finish - Building A Website And Profiting

Part 5:
Part 6:

Part 5 goes over on page optimization and what you should do in order to be within the guidelines set by google and what to do in order to have better rankings.

Part 6 goes over off page optimization and what type of pacing you should take when you have a new website vs an older website. It goes over a few other things as well Part 4: Start To Finish - Building A Website And Profiting

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Nice secret method Raz! Not so secret to me of course as that's something I've done in the past when contacting a site owner via their sites contact us page or displayed email has not worked. Plus this method only works if that website domain owner isn't using domain privacy. However most don't because most registrars (unlike NameCheap) don't give free domain privacy and they have to pay extra for that and a lot of people don't bother with it. But it's true though because if you can get your ad on a site that has a lot of traffic, the traffic that it provides your site if it's a similar or related site will already be somewhat interested in your products/services so it's like targeted traffic. Part 4: Start To Finish - Building A Website And Profiting

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Advertising is indeed an important part of it all. You need to get the word out there, and even though SEO will help, you still need to invest in advertising. Luckily there are various options one can go for, and this helps to suit anyone's budget although obviously the more funds one has the better. But you can still get good exposure even with a budget that is somewhat limited. PPC campaigns such as Google AdWords are effective. There are numerous PPC options one can opt for. But besides PPC, there other also Facebook ads, which could be more affordable for small business owners.

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Wheh I had my first website, I was not selling anything through my websites. Therefore I skipped advertising through Adwords facebook ads or other means. However, I decided to monetize my website with adsense and amazon after I had enough contents. Currently, I have two websites that sells products. I am thinking to promote these websites through advertising. I will start with facebook ads. I have facebook pages for these websites and it will be easier to creat a campaign on facebook.

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I think this is the phase where you begin to think of the revenue for the upkeep of your website. Unless you are a rich guy with plenty of extra money, your website should be an earning machine. And that’s where the monetization comes in. You can register with Adsense so you can earn when your website gets a lot of traffic. Or maybe you can solicit contributions or sponsorship. At any rate, you need to earn something for the overhead expenses of your website.

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I know we can't wish away buying ads especially if you want to make serious money online. I like the idea of contacting website owners and asking if you can advertise on their site. I think this is an aha moment for me. I agree that you need to keep testing different methods and find out which one works for you. I think the best method of advertising will depend on which niche you are in. Amazing information to have.

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