How to get higher scores on subway surfers

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How to get higher scores on subway surfers

So recently I down loaded this app called subway surfers it is actually pretty popular and pretty similar to the temple run game but not exactly. For instance, when you sign into the game through fb it ranks you and your friends by high score as of now. Currently I am 16 on my friends list but not everyone knows how to get high scores unlike temple run were you just have to manage to keep up with your pace subway surfers has a score multiplier system in place most people don't realize this. So for those of you that play whenever you get into the app what you want to do is click on missions and complete as many missions as you can as that will increase you base multiplier for each run mines is on about x45 at the moment so a run worth 100,000 points would take me less time too run then someone with a small multiplier would have to run.


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It is very easy to get very high scores once you have a high multiplier on subway surfers. Once you have a high enough multiplier (25+ in my opinion), simply use all your coins and do the refresh thing so you don't die. (Sorry for lack of knowledge! Haven't played in a while!)

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