What can you do to establish yourself as an expert?

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What can you do to establish yourself as an expert?

There are several ways to accomplish that target, but for now, we will only mention a few.

All authority figures are educators and advocates of their clients’ success. Today’s marketing is done online mostly, and people use the internet for research. When you are the one they learn from, you establish yourself in their mind as a source.

There are several psychological triggers at play here. Those factors may be covered separately, but the outcome is the same: your audience will prefer doing business with you and will consider you as an authority figure in your market.

Be Everywhere:
Celebrities get a lot of exposure. People see their faces a lot. In people’s minds, the reverse also works: if people see you a lot = you are a “celebrity.” By that, we don’t mean that you will become a Brad Pitt or Kim Kardashian but rather that you will reap similar benefits as if you are a celeb.

A continuous exposure keeps you “top of mind” in the clients’ awareness, and when they need services you provide, they think of you first and compare all other options to you.

Being everywhere can be achieved in several ways, and most can be done relatively inexpensively compared to in the past. That includes retargeting (showing an ad to all the people that visited a particular page for the following days or weeks), Facebook ads, YouTube and news releases, to name a few.

Publish a Book:
This can be under the first item here, Educate, but it has a place of its own. Being a published author (or better yet - a best-selling author) is probably the best authority trigger. You can educate THROUGH your book, but for that matter, it makes no difference if people read your book or not.

As a matter of fact, most will not read your book. While this can be frustrating, just the fact you have a book on your specialty is enough to elevate you above your competition.

Those are just three of the ways you can establish yourself as the authority in your market. You can now see how marketing could be more efficient after doing those steps.

I have seen firsthand how using this strategy increases the results. I have also seen how NOT using it results in holes in the bank and silent phones. The caveat is that it needs to be done in a smart way. But anything is better than nothing.

Go and establish yourself as the expert that you are and reap the results you deserve!


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Interesting and completely true. One of the best ways I've always thought one could establish him/herself as an expert in their industry is through their own website or blog. By producing and publishing high quality articles that are informative and educative. And not just copy writing other peoples articles as well. But actually publishing new content that hasn't been seen before. And through doing a lot of problem solving with those articles as well. Because that to me shows that someone truly is an expert in their industry. Someone that knows about and can find and identify problems in a certain area or industry that people might be having. And then to also provide a solution to those problems through the content articles on their site that actually provide solutions to those problems within that content.

But the same could be said for using other platforms to do that as well. The buck doesn't start and stop at your own site. Like you've said, it's about getting out there and making a name for yourself. And that means registering profiles on all the social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc etc. As well as all the video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Veoh etc etc.

Basically, every type of platform there is. From Web 2.0 and blogging and microblogging sites, Bookmarking sites, Business sites, Community sites, News sites, Photo sites etc etc. Establishing homes on all these sites which you can regularly post and share your expert articles and videos on. Sites where other people can find you where you can reach a bigger, wider audience of more people.

Because that's what it's all about. Getting yourself known by as many people as possible. And not just on Facebook or Twitter. But on all the social media and social networking sites. But mostly the main ones always starting with the main ones too.

Writing a book is a great ideal! Even if it's a free eBook that people can download on something to do with your industry. Although I'm not sure how true it is by saying it doesn't really matter if people read it or not. I get what you mean by this in that by having it alone it can show that you are indeed knowledgeable in your niche. But people will read it to find out just how knowledgeable you are in that niche.

But great stuff really inspiring and a great mindset to have! What can you do to establish yourself as an expert?

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Anwebservices yes I love these points and you are so right. It is amazing how people think that you are famous or a celebrity just because you have a good social reach or you are seen all over online.

I have been working very hard on this and it is starting to pay off. I am getting in more work and I have been able to charge a lot more for a lot less in the last few months which is really great since that is obviously one of my goals... to work as little as possible for as much money as possible so I can spend more time relaxing and with my family.

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Glad to hear that you understand point i made in my post. Yes, it takes time to build (sort of) celebrity status, but it's possible with consistent exposure. I see you doing very well with your Twitter profile, so i hope your efforts will worth and pay of in future What can you do to establish yourself as an expert?

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I agree on getting a book published, even if it's an online free ebook!
I recently started working on my brand name, like I'm my own brand kind of attitude. I have to tell you, this involves lots of "free work", like writing free articles on LinkedIn and other professional platforms.

People need to find you online but also find examples of who you are and what you can do, direct examples and also recommendations from real people can help a lot! Being associated with stronger "names" can help improve your own.

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Do you mean to say that I can be called an expert when I publish a book? I know that an e-book is easier to publish now than the traditional printed book which has a minimum number of copies required. However, I don’t think I have the capability to write a book. Besides, I still have so many things to learn in my freelancing. So maybe for now, I have to be content with what I am doing and just continue to develop my skills in writing and in gathering information for added knowledge.

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