Lead Generation Companies - Good or Bad?

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Lead Generation Companies - Good or Bad?

I've used plenty of these lead generation companies in the past and I still get emails from them on a daily basis, and I wish I didn't. All of these emails claim that they can get me loads of clients each month for the low price of $15 per lead. Now this would be amazing if all the leads were genuine, or even just 1 out of 10, but sadly they're not.

As a lot of you already know, I work in the SEO and Online Marketing field and I have a company that solely does that. So when I was approached with an offer for 10 leads at $150 I decided to test it out. Originally they wanted me to do an initial purchase of 50 leads at $750. Investing that type of money on something I've never used was something I didn't feel comfortable with, and I got them to reduce the amount of leads to 10 for a first test.

After I paid them I thought I would get my leads in 3 to 5 days, but I was naive to think that they were generating a load of leads for their clients in a short amount of time. It took me nearly 2 months to obtain the initial 10 leads! Imagine if I would have paid for 50... It would have taken 10 months to get all 50 leads, which is ridiculous.

As the leads began to come in I would contact them via email and if they didn't respond within 48 hours I would call them. I quickly found out that they weren't responding because they thought I was just spamming them. A few of the business owners claimed that they never showed any interest in SEO or Online Marketing and I finally got the reason for all these dead leads after talking to one guy. I asked him if he could forward the emails to me that were from "us" and he gladly did it. The emails were complete garbage and looked like they were written in 1997. The guy who forwarded the emails to me responded to the lead generators by saying "No thanks" and the lead generators considered this a hot lead because he responded....

Fast forward a few years and I've tried out a few lead generators like this but had the same results with all of them. I've even hired VAs to do some lead generation for me and they weren't any good at it. I had one guy send me a few leads and I got one sign up, but that was it. He said it was too much work even though I was paying him a commission on each sign up he got. And I wasn't just paying him once, I paid him a commission for each month the client was signed up. And each client was on a contract lol Lead Generation Companies - Good or Bad?

In the end, there are no short cuts. Either hire someone to do the lead generation full time in a place you can monitor them, like an office, or do all the work yourself.

It's a tough job, but we all can do it Lead Generation Companies - Good or Bad?




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Yeah well, I'd say that when it comes to lead generation companies. Most of them (in my experience) talk the talk but when it comes to crunch, they don't walk the walk! They tell you promise on promise, guarantee on guarantee, to get you to sign up. But then when you do and they finally do come they don't come thick and fast enough or they aren't qualified leads and have no real idea what your business is about or what they're signing up for in full. Since they only part pitch them based on the details about your program you give the lead generation company, and not by yourself. And they were probably cold pitched without really being interested in your service from the start. They end up not converting or worse, marking you as spam as you have discovered.

Like you said, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. When it comes to generating leads. Only your own skills and practices, marketing campaigns etc, can generate real leads that actually go on to convert. That either means doing it yourself, or hiring someone to do that for you that actually works for you and your business and not a third party that doesn't. At least that way they will know how the leads were generated, and they'll be more likely to convert than someone that only replied no thanks to an email.

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Razzy that is what I would expect. I can see how I am being sold as a "red hot" lead to loads of people and when I get cold calls from companies I tell them to please remove me from their lists because I don't like being contacted. They always seem surprised and they are oh so pushy which honestly just pisses me off.

I think so many companies have the wrong idea of just selling anyone's information off as a "red hot lead" to people and then also very often to the sales people too. They honestly upset me no end.

I got told recently by one woman that called me that I was rude.

The phone call went like this, the lady called me and introduced herself and asked if I had 5 minutes. I was very polite but firm. I told her that I am very busy, but even so I am not interested in buying anything. She responded very upset that I can't know if I don't want to buy anything if she hasn't been given the chance to tell me what it is. I told her if there is something I want to buy I will go out and buy it. There is currently nothing on my list of things to buy and I am busy working, so I need to end the call. She then told me that I was rude? Go figure?

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So are you saying there are no legitimate lead generation companies out there? (???) Follow my thoughts. If you can hire someone to do the job (or do it yourself), why can't you hire a company that does the job?

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I am ignorant of lead generation and it’s only now that I am beginning to understand. I admire your tenacity to check on the new things in the interne that you think can help you in earning more money. Those lead generation companies are in the business for helping you out. But just like SEO work, I guess the lead generation is also not an exact science that you cannot quantify the end result if there is really a result.

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