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Seriously, like are you kidding me?

I'm not even sure how this works but I have seen so many ads saying this and I have had a look at some of the landing pages. I can't quite figure it out, obviously not because I wont hand over my email address and name to enter these programs.

Some of them state that you will get all the leads that enter into the program after you. This would mean that if you sign up your information is being passed on to everyone else that signed up before you right? OMG no thanks! Talk about inviting a spam fest!

Are you a red hot lead? Do you want to be bothered by everyone else that signs up?

Then it also says it is on autopilot and that you don't really have to do anything, so then why is everyone spamming Facebook with their link. If I didn't have to do anything except sit on my bum to get leads... well I would sit on my bum and wait for my leads to come rolling in right?


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Oh if only eh Lynne! Unfortunately, even though you are clued up on this, even though many people are, there are also many other people that aren't. Those are the ones they "prey" on. The naive and inexperienced people that see all the flashy images and promising text lines. They get excited and sucked in by all the promises. They think that it must be true and they buy into it. But then they find out the hard way, AFTER they have paid their money that it's nothing like what they thought or told it was going to be like. They learn the hard way the saying that goes "if something is too good to be true, it usually is".

The thing is with these lead generation companies. Most of them are copycat companies. Or not even companies just simple websites that have tried to copy and imitate another website that does the same thing. They change the words around a little. They have the same rubbish landing pages, they have the same flashy promises. Yet they all fail miserably at delivering what they actually promise.

I don't think I've ever come across a single lead generation company/site or even a single positive review for one that wasn't created by the actual lead generation companies themselves. They'll pay people to put out good reviews for them and they'll hide behind these empty promises knowing that for every 100 targeted people that visit their site, at least 1 or 2 will actually sign up and pay money. They rely on these peoples desperation to make money and generate leads but by then it is too late and they end up with rubbish leads if any at all.

Autopilot. What does that actually mean? When broken down. Does it mean you don't have to do anything and they do it all for you? Is that what it's supposed to mean? What exactly are they going to do for you? How can you measure success with them? By how many people they forward to you? By how many of those people that actually convert? If they was as good at generating qualified leads that did, people would be singing their praises through the streets and all over the Internet. But do you ever see that, ever? I know I haven't!

The best way to generate leads is to find them yourself. Whether it's through the promotion and advertising of your own site. Networking with other sites and blogs in your niche. Being active on forums and social media and the like. And earning/getting them yourself. There is no limit to how much of this you can do yourself and the best thing about it? It wont cost you a lot of money for nothing much in return in the long run! That's how I see it anyway unless someone else cares to give me something new to reflect on?

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Exactly Mike!

Well when someone says to me that something works on autopilot it means I push a button and sit down and all the work gets done for me, absolutely everything. I can sit on my bum and do nothing because I don't need to.

I don't believe in this at all. Take for example my email marketing, yes it is on complete Autopilot now but when I first signed up I had to design all my sign up forms, I had to add it to my websites and then I had to create something to entice people to sign up too.

I then had to connect my social networks and my blog roll.... so that when a new blog gets published it is sent out via newsletter and this is shared on my social networks...

I also spent a good few days writing my email series... and then setting up when those would be sent out.

Now that I have put all that work in my email marketing is just about on complete autopilot except for when I go and see how it is performing and make some tweaks!

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This reminds me of when I was a naive marketer in my early years and I fell into something that literally said "Get paid to post ads on Google!". After testing it out I quickly found out that they were just talking about putting snippets of adsense on your website and hoping that people would click them. I think I paid $297 for this "course" which was a 100 page ebook but was more like 50 pages if I took all the pointless images out of it. I tried to get a refund but I had no clue how to and when I did eventually find out, I couldn't get a hold of the people who sold it to me. I was going to file a chargeback but it was too late Get Red Hot Leads on Complete Autopilot sign up here!

These schemes are pretty annoying and luckily they blow up within a year. It's sad to see this type of marketing still exists to pull in clients. They're just turning hopeful people into angry clients that are going to rip apart the service anywhere they can online because they feel that they were taken advantage of just to make a quick buck.

And trust me on this, nothing is every 100% autopilot. You can set some things up to be automated, but even then you still have to monitor a lot of stuff and that's not autopilot lol. I have one big website that is as close to autopilot as I can get it, but I still have to answer emails, check support tickets, monitor ppc campaigns and find new ad spots online in order to get more traffic over time. I don't really work on any of the code or post new content, but that doesn't make it autopilot lol Get Red Hot Leads on Complete Autopilot sign up here!

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Razzy I have also seen loads of those ads for posting ads on Google... oh no! I have also received some really shoddy eBooks that have hardly anything of substance to them. These can be spotted easily by the big pictures oh and the big text and spacing LOL.

I wrote an eBook to give away on my website. Yes it is only 19 pages long but I can't be bothered trying to fluff it up or make the text bigger. It is what it is, you know?

Yes "complete autopilot" just does not really exist in reality. Even things that are on autopilot need work, I gave my example of my email marketing in my comment to Mike.

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