Do you have rules for your forum staff ?

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Do you have rules for your forum staff ?

If you want to run a decent and clean community forum then you will need to have some rules for your member as well as for your staff also. If your member and staff will follow rules then you will have a fresh, clean forum with friendly environment. I have noticed on several forums that forum staff don't care about members. They don't reply or reply very late to their member's message, they banned member without notice etc.
May be they are not sincere. However, for my forum I have rules for both member and forum staffs and all of them need to follow those rules. If they will not follow rules then I take action against them. I think rules are very important for a community forum. However, let me know if you guys also have rules for your forum staff.


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I believe to be able to run a forum smoothly without any problems you need to have rules in place not just for your members but also your staff. All staff should abide by normal forum rules whether they are staff or not, just because they have the staff status doesn't make them any better than the members on the forum in my opinion, everyone should still be treated equally.

Some of the rules I put in place for staff when I run a forum are pretty simple and a lot of them are just common sense if I am honest, things such as being polite to all members and staff on the forum at all times, reporting a problem correctly without any fuss, not letting members get your back up and if you have a member who is bothering you to report it so it can be dealt with. It's really rules that help to keep a forum running smoothly and friendly so everyone feels happy.

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