Can I add adult banners in my service description ?

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Can I add adult banners in my service description ?

Hello there
I am selling Graphics designing services. Recently I have started designing adult banners and images. I believe that portfolio is very important for a graphics designer to get buyers regularly. Nowadays I am getting much order for adult banners and other graphics work. I added some of my previous work in my service description. So, I want to add my recent designed adult banners in my service description. But I don't know if SEOClerks allow adult content ! So, just want to know if I can add those adult banners in my service description...if anybody know about this then please let me know...


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I am not sure if adult content would be allowed in descriptions on SEOClerks, my first guess would be that it would not be allowed or it would depend on how graphic the images are. You could always contact SEOClerks and enquire about whether or not you could add adult banners into your service description, they would be the better people to ask who could give you an answer rather than you second guessing and possibly being penalised.

You can contact SEOClerks at the following email address

I hope you get an answer to your question soon!

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Woah, okay, last time I checked, no it wasn't allowed.

However, this poses a sticky situation since you're creating graphics for adult orientated content and graphics is a legitimate service. I would blur the private bits, or host the portfolio elsewhere other than listing the images in the service's description.

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