The Three Most Important Steps to Achieving Long Term High Google Rankings Tutorial

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The Three Most Important Steps to Achieving Long Term High Google Rankings

Digital marketing and SEO

can be a wild beast to tame and not the easiest of all tasks to master and get hold of the reigns of. But it doesn't have to be like that at all. So I've put this article together to show you why and three of the most important parts of digital marketing and SEO you'll need to master to be a true SEO professional! The Three Most Important Steps to Achieving Long Term High Google Rankings

And when it comes to SEO it's one of the most important facets of a website or a business today and it comes in many different parts which all need to be focused on. Whether that's building links, social media marketing, content generation, copy writing etc and much more to boot!

And most parts of digital marketing are fairly easy to get a good grasp on other than SEO itself. The Search Engine Optimization your website or business needs to do today if you are to get noticed in the Search Engines that be. But with a lot of wolves in sheep's clothing, and many self claimed "SEO experts" out there where many SEO providers consider themselves to be SEO experts, it can get tricky interpreting all the misinformation out there today that's secretly disguised as high quality and valuable information.

And as you may well know, a lot of marketers and SEO providers can make the steps needed to get better ranking positions on Google, seem complex and complicated and that can be very hard to get your head around when you go with an SEO provider for something and find yourself moving from page 1 to page 5 in Google.

And just like how you need to maintain your health by looking after it with eating correctly, exercising, training and working out. Your website also needs the same maintenance too. And you should always be increasing the value of your website through various methods such as adding new content or gaining links from reputable sources to boost your credibility in the Search Engines.

Real Life Case Study

If you're an SEO, you may have heard of Kotton Grammer? He's an SEO expert that has worked with some very prestigious clients in the field from Bob Proctor to Tai Lopez. Kotton owns and runs an SEO and digital marketing business and he makes millions every year by focusing heavily on SEO and delivering proven results time after time for his clients.

What is more, Kotton is also the coach of a very well known marketing course that is "OMG Machine" and they mainly provide SEO training to show people how to get the same results from their SEO. Now many companies (including fortune 500 companies) can greatly benefit and learn a lot from the SEO techniques he uses, even small businesses can when they adopt and use his techniques. And he has the background to back it up too. Kotton has been able to rank at #1 in Google for very competitive keywords such as "Chicago SEO" and "Tokyo SEO" which shows he knows what he's doing.

But this shows that it's not just imperative to rank for the keywords your clients are searching, but that it's equally as imperative to know that those keywords can and do change in time too. That's why it's so crucial to roll with the changes as and when they happen so you can consistently drive traffic home and bag more clients and earnings for your business. And when it comes to selling SEO services, it's very much like selling a home on the property market. In that it's about location, location, location!

Is SEO Dead?

You think SEO is dead? According to Search Engine Island the amount that people spend on SEO services is set to increase to around $80 billion dollars by 2020. And that's a 92% increase from the last 3 years. Now let's talk about how you can harness the wild beast that is SEO for your business using one of three or all three simple SEO steps that can see you into running your own multi million dollar business.

Get Relevant with Relevant Content

You can provide content quite easily, either outsourced or in-house. But if that content isn't relevant to your targeted audience, or your own brand and business, then it's basically not even worth having! The thing to understand about content is that it will and should contain the keywords that your intended audiences are searching within it. Unless your content has those keywords within it, the chances are that people wont be able to find your site as easily against those that do.

And SEO can be thought of very much like a popularity contest in college. By having friends with the cool kids at college, other people will know about you and then talk about you because of that. So if you're an SEO service, you will want to have content that talks about SEO and all the things and people that are related to it and not something useless like how big Kim Kardashian's a$$ is! The Three Most Important Steps to Achieving Long Term High Google Rankings

And while you might not have been or be the most popular person in college, when it comes to business, branding and popularity is the most important thing as it helps you to grow. And that same popularity and branding will go on to see customers searching and finding your business in Google by ranking on the 1st page for it because mostly, people don't even look at the 2nd or 3rd page.

So always provide relevant, up to date content on your site about the most relevant and important things to do with your industry. Talk about those other popular students and earn friends and influence people. By doing this, you'll alreay be one step ahead of the competition out there and believe me, if you're in a big niche, you will have a lot of competition!

Get Others Talking About Your Business

In a world where the Search Engines are constantly changing, adapting and evolving, it's crucial to make sure that you can get other businesses talking about yours. And in time, the more people that do talk about your business, the more Google will see that and give you the benefit for it with better rankings.

This can be achieved by building and earning high quality backlinks and mentions from major websites in the world like those big news sites like Forbes, CNBC and Entrepreneur Inc etc etc. Backlinks from these high authority sites will generally boost your rankings in the SERP's not to mention your credibility and visibility in the world of search as well. Getting your business talked about from these other big players in the online world and providing relevant content year after year will help your site to rank high search engines like Google.

Drive Big Traffic

The last and 3rd thing to consider is traffic funnels, they are thought of as the 'Holy Grail' when it comes to Internet Marketing. But a lot of people don't understand that without traffic they're just pointless. That's because most people don't know and see the value of traffic, both the paid kind and organic, and that without it, there wouldn't even be any SEO rankings in the first place.

But it's not just about driving any old traffic but more about driving traffic that actually converts into a sale but is the best kind of them all if you want to rank high in Google. When you drive traffic to your site from different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc as well as from blogs, forums, PR articles and more, that will all help to boost your rankings. And the more you send to your site, the better changes you have of your customers actually buying something from you. Whatever type of service or services you provide.

And SEO can be a very effective tool to use to know if somebody, or some entity or business is a true master of the trade, since people can lie about being an "SEO expert" or even state and claim they are. But the numbers don't like! Kotton Grammer says that "SEO cannot be faked". And that "it's tried and tested". And he knows what he's talking about. After all, he's an artisan at his trade. People can make up lies about how much they're earning, but people can't like about the rankings in Google as you can just look and see for yourself!

So to summarize, good rankings come with three major things; (1) providing relevant content, (2) getting others talking about your business/brand, and (3) driving home big volumes of traffic. But understanding about the technical aspects of each and doing them is what matters. You need to be creative in your approach to it and the methods used and use a sound business model that you can use over and over again on all your websites so that you are always ranked high by Google compared to your rivals and competitors!

Are you and is your business making full use of these three steps to improving your SEO rankings?


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The most effective factors are as follows:

  • First is to create professional SEO optimized WordPress website. Do not waste your time. Using WordPress will faster indexing and will improve your site's Google rankings.
  • Second is writing unique content. Fresh and unique content is very important to rank high. Do not copy from any other source. Write your own words and sentences.
  • Third is SEO. It is to optimize your page. Hire an SEO company to optimize meta tags and code of your website. Then, install Yoast plugin will help you write SEO optimized content.
  • Fourth is using keywords in its proper place in meta tags, h1, content.

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Well you need backlinks too though. They are one of the most if not the most important factor of them all. You can try ranking using WordPress and unique content. But even with adding tons of content, in a competitive niche, you'll always need backlinks if you want to actually rank high and outrank your competitors. No matter how well you SEO your site. Backlinks are the number 1 thing of them all and the be all and end all to outranking your competitors. Especially for high competition niches where all the top ranking sites are ranking high because of their backlinks mostly.

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Again, the adage content is king comes alive again. I also believe that good contents can make a good website so you cannot mask bad contents with nice and elegant design of your web pages, not even the quick access of displaying the pages regardless if there are images and animation or videos. What’s important is the contents. Especially for blogs, contents with substance will take the cake all the time.

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I think great contents and high-quality backlinks are two major steps to ensure the top position on search engines. Great contents means well-written contents on evergreen topic, contents on the topics that are not extensively covered online, contents that are not copied. High quality backlinks means getting backlinks from related authority site, and backlinks fro dot edu and gov sites.

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