7 ways to make your brand stand out from your competitors

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7 ways to make your brand stand out from your competitors

When it comes to branding your business, it's actually much easier than you think it would be.  But how do you get your brand to stand out from your competitors in a sea of businesses?  There are actually many ways and I will cover the ones that I think are the top 7 that you could easily work with 7 ways to make your brand stand out from your competitors

When you're branding your company, it's more than just getting a nice logo designed for your business and adding it to your website.  You'll need to get out there and have some sort of branding campaign in order to get in front of potential buyers.  Even if these people don't purchase from you, you'll need to get your business in front of them so that the next time they stumble across your site or ad they will think "Oh Hey!  I remember this company!"

Below I'm going to cover my top 7 ways to get your brand to stand out from your competition 7 ways to make your brand stand out from your competitors

1. Be Original
When it comes to branding your business or website, you will need to come off as original.  Sure, there will probably be competition within your niche or industry, but that doesn't mean you can't be original.  You won't want to be seen as a copy cat who wants to look like their competition because once that catches on and more people begin to notice, they won't take you seriously.

Try to come at your customer base like no one else has.  Think of slogans that no one else is using and run with them.  Try to make yourself stand out from the crowd and you will notice that more and more traffic will begin to gravitate towards your brand and not your competitors 7 ways to make your brand stand out from your competitors

2. Be Sincere
Whenever a person is contacting a business, they want to know they are in good hands.  I know for a fact that whenever I contact someone directly or through a support system and I get sh*tty responses that are dry, I get turned off and don't usually come back to the company or the website again.

If you're sincere with your customers, or potential customers, you will be seen as a great company.  Word will spread about how nice and sincere you were when talking with a client and that is the type of branding you will always want 7 ways to make your brand stand out from your competitors

3. Understand Your Market
People screw this part up a whole lot lol.  Not understanding your market can be a killer when it comes to running your business.  You may think you understand your market, but if you're just pushing out bland content and hoping people will read it, you're dead wrong.

Let's say you're targeting first time moms and you are trying to get them to read your articles.  Your branding campaign won't go over well if you don't relate to them some how in the article, mainly because they are looking for guidance and if they can't find it within your website, they will look for another that can.

4. Be Bold
Being bold when it comes to branding your business is a great thing.  You can stand out from the crowd and basically say "HERE I AM!!!".  People will usually gravitate towards bold branding campaigns because they want to see what the business is all about.  If it's a true business and they can back up their claims, whatever they may be, then the branding campaign will go over well.

You don't want to be so bold that you're coming off as arrogant or have a huge ego.  Doing too much in the Bold section of your campaign might come off as you think your sh*t doesn't stink, and people hate that.  Be genuine while being bold and also help others out in order for the branding to wonders 7 ways to make your brand stand out from your competitors

5. Be Consistent
You'll always have to be branding, you can't just work one week and then take a month off.  Branding is an on going campaign, just like how search engine optimization works.  You have to stick with it in order to stay in front of your customers eyes in a good way.

Publishing regular blog posts a few times a month might work well if you stick with it.  As soon as you start to slack, your visitors will diminish and you'll basically have to start over from step 2.  I would normally say you'd have to step over from step 1, but you've already laid the ground work which means you'll have a slightly easier time with the branding this go around if you do end up slacking.

6. Get Visibility
This is easy for some people and extremely difficult for others.  Getting visibility doesn't require a boat load of money in order to push your business in PPC campaigns.  You can start with as little as $100 a month, or whatever you feel comfortable spending, and you'll be just fine.  Obviously the more you spend, the better the branding campaign will be, but that's up to you 7 ways to make your brand stand out from your competitors

7. Add Value
When it comes to branding, you will need to add value to everything you're doing.  Are you selling something to help webmasters increase their rankings?  Then give away a free SEO audit and let everyone know they can have it by just inputting their website and email.  You can also write up an eBook and give it away for free to anyone that wants it.  This is a great method of branding because people will eventually start to talk about your book and what they liked about it 7 ways to make your brand stand out from your competitors

In Conclusion:
Branding is an easy process but difficult in it's own right.  You might not know what to do exactly in the beginning but it will come to you in time.  The method I prefer is to publish about 25 long articles that have plenty of great information and then I will run some Facebook PPC campaigns and target specific groups of people.  I will bring them in, they will read my content, they will then share my content.  Since I super targeted them, there's a higher chance they will like the content and share lol 7 ways to make your brand stand out from your competitors  Get out there and start branding yourself 7 ways to make your brand stand out from your competitors

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Good guide Raz! The most important one I believe, in all that you have mentioned, is the first one. However you do it, you have to be unique. Sure you can copy some ideas or concept from other but it doesn't mean that you will also copy the content. I'm sure a lot of our fellow clerks here will appreciate this guide. Cheers.

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Whenever I would go to the Sunday market, I never fail to notice some vendors with unique products that they can claim they are the only one selling such a product. Mostly food items are there and there are so many vendors selling Japanese food, Korean food, bread, all kinds of sausages and some other common food. But there is only one vendor that sells wild boar meat and venison, that is deer meat. Definitely that vendor is already well known in that marketplace because of his unique products.

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Great tips. It is best to understand what your customers wanted and to open up your ears, try to solve their problems instead of curry favor them. When I was in business before, customers are alike housewives, they talk a lot whether related or non related to the products that I was selling. In order to close an order, I have to go along with the conversation, be patient and help them to solve their problems before they say the big "YES"

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I agree with your advice, especially the first four points. You want to be as relatable as possible. You are serving the consumer, not the other way around. You need to connect with them on an emotional aspect because there are so many other companies out there. Why should they choose you? Among laypeople, there is a stigma with advertisers. Standing out and looking unique helps to put you in the right direction because you are associated less with boring businesspeople in black and white suits. I have witnessed cases in real life with customers, and business owners and the customer leaves the conversation with a bad taste in their mouth even if they got what they wanted because of the way the person talked to them. Being polite is important because people talk, and not only do they decrease their chances of going to you in the future, but they decrease the chances of other people coming to you. Reputation is everything for businesses, especially a new one.

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Think Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Mark Zukerberg, Jeff Bezos and other outstanding entrepreneurs way ahead of the pack. What makes them different? What did they do right? How can I apply same or similar strategies to my business?

Ideally, its strategies outlined in today's business school known as "Business Disruption". Changing the face or game of a business. Offering a cheaper, faster or smaller product for less.

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I agree With these tips especially The last one which saysTo add values to what you are doing, That's a good business ethic for begginers, I remember when I started My Restaurant At the first day that was inauguration I gave free drinks then I gave sone promotions like To those who came ten times to my restaurant the eleventh was free, It helped me to Conquor quickly.

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Nice guidelines. With today's trend of people would venture in starting their own business rather than to work as an employee, it is really a helpful tool.

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These are all good points, I especially agree with being sincere. Without sincerity, we might still be able to gain one or two sales, but that won't last long. I would prefer to have long term customers, and if they are happy with our services or products, they will recommend us to their friends as well.

Thanks for sharing these tips. I will try to work on them.

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I have availed myself of the sites that give Free SEO Audits. That is definitely a "hook". For a beginning online entrepreneur, it is a very valuable service to receive at no charge. The audit also introduces them to service provider who can perform more beneficial detailed analyses of their sites in future. When their business projects begin to flourish and they start earning income, they know where to go for further advice and tips. It's an excellent form of advertising.

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It is important to stand out of the competition because that is the only way to get the "sort after" status. Already many of the available market niche are saturated and the competition is high. So it is a priority to stand out of the industry. I agree with every point in this article, but I will recommend that it is necessary to introduce something unique, something different into the market

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This is actually awesome. i understand most of it, i mean i personally experience it. i have been running a business for 3 years now. from the first year of it, i was totally frustrated on how to advertise my business, i did go through a lot and seek help of a professionals. when years passed by i understand what i lack. that would be your number 3. i didn't understand my own products! after i learned it, everything went well. Consistency, originality and adding value on every product that i have. this also works in many different ways, so thumbs up on the guide.

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Thanks forthe article! These are some nice and very helpful advices. I’ll say the
most important and the hardest one to do is being consistent. Sometimes we don’t
see results right away and it’s just a little frustrating – at least it has
been for me- and we get tired and then try to come back two weeks later, losing
all the job you did at the beginning marketing the brand… Being consistent is
as important to achieve your goals as setting some realistic ones.

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That's a very good article. If you want to be different then you must not copy from others. You need to look for unique ideas which help you to attract customers. It is very important to undertake market research regularly to better understand what customers want and how their needs have changed. In this way we can provide goods or services according to their needs. This is what will help us to retain existing customers and attract new ones.

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Being original pays. Take stock of your logo, the blurb of your marketing, even the colors and fonts of your ads will make a difference. And knowing the audience is one advantage in marketing because you can have the idea of creating a marketing method specifically for them. Do you need to give discounts or launch sales promotions? You audience can dictate that part. But what’s important is you get a good grasp of what your audience really are and what they like.

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