Listen to your online community and you can profit much more

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Listen to your online community and you can profit much more

When you start out on your business journey you may not have a massive following or a following at all, but that doesn't mean you should ignore anyone talking about your or your business.  The companies around the world who listen to feedback and what people are saying about their products or services are the same companies that scale up and are more successful in a short amount of time.

A great example of how a company listened to its community and altered their business for the better is EpicGames and their newer game called Fortnite.  I'm sure a lot of you have heard about this game, mainly because it has millions of players, but also because it listens to the millions of voices talking about their game modes, weapons, glitches, etc.  They will quickly fix any problems that rose under the radar which the community is voicing their opinions about, and that's what keeps any frustrated players still playing.  I was annoyed with a few things, and so were millions of other players, and the problem was fixed within 12 hours because of how big of a voice there was online saying what they hated about something related to the game.  They're constantly updating the game with new areas, skins, weapons, events, etc. and that's what people want to see with a game because it will never get stale.  If you can listen to your community just as well as EpicGames does, you will be successful in a much quicker timeframe Listen to your online community and you can profit much more

Below are a few reasons why you should listen to your community, and they are:

Changing what the community hates and you will be Robin Hood
You could have a product or service already selling, or reading through what the community is saying and build a business off of that, but in the end, you'll need to change something the community hates in order to be seen in an amazing light.  You will essentially be the digital Robin Hood and taking away negative things and exchanging them with something that fills a void/gap or fixes a problem.  They will love you for this Listen to your online community and you can profit much more

People like to see their voice is being heard
No matter if you run a brick and mortar type business or you're solely a digital company, your customers like to see that you're listening and taking action.  If you get 10 people saying "I wish the design was a lighter color scheme" and you only have 100 people a day to your website, it's your best intention to switch up your color scheme slightly to please 10% or more of your visitors Listen to your online community and you can profit much more 

Think about it, people voice their opinions when they aren't happy, they do this much more than the people that are content or happy with the website/business.  If you please them, they will likely say how much they love the new feature, design, product, etc.  The happy people from before will likely stay happy because they already had a good experience with you, so there isn't usually an uproar when you do a change.

Please the masses and you will see them get vocal about how much they love you, which is an amazing thing Listen to your online community and you can profit much more

Your community will be more loyal if changes are made
When you're listening to your community, they will notice, and they will become more loyal because of it.  Take EpicGames game called Fortnite, they switch stuff up due to major complaints, and people are more loyal because of it.  Now, they won't take a gun out because you're not good with it, but if you did detailed research and figured out the gun was broken and kills before you even pull the trigger, then they would listen to you right away and remove it.  If you're just complaining about something you don't know how to use, or aren't good at it, they won't listen to you and they will move on lol.

A loyal community is built over time, it's not something you gain right away, so if you do slight changes here and there to please the masses, you will likely have a loyal following later on down the road.

In conclusion
You don't want to change your entire business model because a few people don't like it.  I'm saying you should change little things, like an image or slightly alter the design of a product, and you will please the people who are more likely to voice their opinions online.  You'll need to be smart about this, you can't read just one review or forum post that says something negative and jump to action and change something, you need to see it mentioned multiple times by multiple people in order to get the idea that the community is voicing their opinion and you need to change something.  Strategically change things around, as people talk about them, and you will have more profits later on down the road compared to if you didn't listen to your community Listen to your online community and you can profit much more

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Tommy Carey


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