How to create upsells that actually work

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How to create upsells that actually work

If you're working with an e-commerce type website or even a website that sells services, you'll want to work with upsells in order to boost your revenue.  Now, you can't just throw any product or service into the mix when it comes to an upsell, you need to be strategic and match them up well with the product that is already being shown some interest by the potential customer. 

Upselling shouldn't be consumed with cross selling, because if you're trying to upsell and you mistakingly cross sell, you won't be boosting your sales as much as possible.  Cross selling is where you show a customer a similar product, like a clothes dryer when someone is purchasing a washing machine and upselling is when you show laundry detergent when someone is buying a washing machine.  Something that goes with the initial product of interest is upselling and showing something that goes side by side well with the first purchase is cross selling.  Below I'll be getting into the art of upselling and how it will work well for you.

Link the product in the cart to a smaller upsell product
When someone lands on your shopping cart they will likely have something in there that they're ready to purchase.  If you can show them some additional items, ones that compliment the first item, you are now upselling and will likely boost your sales a bit more.

You won't get rich off of this, but you will make an additional 10% to 20% revenue, which could be the difference between success and still grinding to be successful.

Show complimentary products in the sidebar
When someone lands on your product page they will likely be interested in what they've found, but they will also be interested in other things on your website that they haven't found yet.  This is where the sidebar comes into play because you can show the visitor an item they'll likely purchase later on with their initial order, but now they'll purchase it from you since it's in front of them.

You may need to code up some scripts to do this effectively, or if you're using WordPress there is likely a shortcode that you can use to associate items with each other and they will show up automatically when the product page is being viewed.

Offer discounts for adding an upsell product
On your product pages you should always show upsells, but when it comes to a person landing on your shopping cart you should offer those same products with a slight discount.  If they didn't add them to their cart when viewing them on the other product page, they'll be more incentivized to add them now since they're slightly discounted How to create upsells that actually work

This type of upselling entices people to make additional purchases, making you more money, because everyone likes to save a little bit when making a purchase.

In conclusion
Upsells won't make your rich, but they will make you an additional 15% to 20% in revenue, which could be a nice chunk of change for simply showing a few additional items on your product pages and your shopping cart that compliment the items being looked at or currently in the process of purchasing.  Work with your upsells and tweak them to perfection by rotating them in and out to see what sells best.  You won't get it right the first time, so play around with it and monitor everything that is going on.

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Fantastic advice as usual.. Advice is free, now implement the lessons one learns.. WORK HARD everyone..

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