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Social Media Website Suggest

can you suggest me Some Social  media website to promote Services we try.. Facebook, Twitter, But no use


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Are you looking for someone to do work for you on Twitter or Facebook? You may consider posting a Job here to ask sellers to do the work you need.

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My Dear
Friend Sai,

I really understand that you are not getting any service sales up and I can feel your concern about this.

According to your query requirement.
  • You just need to create a Facebook page and buzz it through spending funds (PAYTM) on Facebook by getting likes on your post.
  • You just need some type of adverts and put, spread links so that visitors can see it.
  • You just need a blogger and write an article according to your niches and do some simple SEO optimization on it and leave it and don't forget to put some advertisements on it from different sites to your site. (Hyperlink)
  • You just need to Feature your service from for 31 days.

Let me know if I am correct, definitely, you get some results/sales up

Thank you

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Thanks for the tips, if its really work then I will try it and see the result. T

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Depends how good you set the parameters for your facebook adverts. Alternatively, try niche forums where your product or/and competitors are mentioned. niche forum tend to be more efficient in terms of conversions.

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Hi Sai,

I would suggest to use different social media sites to promote your services.

Following are the few sites I have mentioned:
1 - Facebook
2 - Twitter
3 - Linkedin
4 - Instagram
5 - Reddit
Apart from the above sites, also used the blogging sites to promote your services. Write high quality and unique informative content by targeting your niches and post it on different blogs and share on social sites which helps to get more views and clicks.

Hope this process will help you!


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