How GOOD Is It To Buy The HOMEPAGE Feature

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How GOOD Is It To Buy The HOMEPAGE Feature

hey guys,

hope your all doing great.

I am really super thankful to the seoclerks for everything and I am having a good time as a seller here.

I want to advance now and the seoclerks homepage feature is a little bit costly.

SO what do you guys think is it a good try or not.

Have you ever bought the homepage feature and how much it did help you if you did?

Also is it wise to buy with not so much reviews (61 by now)

All the best,



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If you're already well established with your seller business, this might be a small but necessary expense. In terms of effectiveness, it would all depend on how much revenue you are generating per day, week or month. Even a new seller with a high end product that retails for $400 (similar to a BarryinSiam seo service) would well be able to afford) if they could generate 10 or more sales per month. You have to compare the costs/effectiveness of other types of on site (boosts, category feature, etc) and off site marketing (adwords, social media marketing, Facebook groups, networking etc).

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So what your trying to explain is that I need to have a well established seller experience ( some.good and quality reviews ) then I should add my service to the homepage feature.

Also I am.buying the category feature for the last 4-5 months so I can get the ball rolling and I had a month that grossed well pver $500 with only 1 category feature.

but my services cost max $29 per gig

so would it be a smart idea to do the homepage feature ?

thanks again man

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