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The means of withdrawal.

Hello everyone.

I would like to know the different ways to make withdrawals. Once I have received a payment after providing services, what are the withdrawal options available to me?


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There are various withdrawal methods available for you. We have a direct method whereby you will provide your available payment platform, such as PAYPAL, AIRTM, SKRILL, STRIPE, NOW PAYMENT, etc. The other method to receive payment is when the buyer ordered your service via the platform (seoclerks) by adding funds to the balance. In this case, you can withdraw with PAYONEER, AIRTM, HYPERWALLET, OR PAYLUTION.

I hope this will help you.

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A withdrawal is the removal of money from a trust, pension, plan,friday night funkin or account; it is also the sole way for investors to profit from withdrawals made in the future.

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