How To Make Money With an SEOClerks Affiliate Store?

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How To Make Money With an SEOClerks Affiliate Store?

Would you like to get many thousands of thousands of referrals under your affiliate member account in SEOClerks, ListingDock or CodeClerks? Of course there are many ways to do that and promote your affiliate/referral link on forums, blogs etc etc. If you want to promote a single service you can do so by using the URL and entering /linkin/xxx/ into the URL where xxx is your affiliate number and adding an a. to the URL too. But doing so can be quite tedious and consuming and as you know some people don’t really like to just click on a single link on a forum in a signature or on a blog etc don’t you think? So why not give them a whole full site full of SEO Services and many other types of gigs where you get paid commission fees from each and every sale you make!?

Well here we are going to share with you why and how by creating an SEO affiliate store using the SEOClerks Affiliate System.

SEOClerks Affiliate System

So why would you want to create an SEO affiliate store? Well the answer is simple because of the free money you can earn from it for life!

SEOClerks offer you a 10% commission on any and all sales that are made through you. You refer someone using your affiliate/referral URL and you get paid 10% commission for every order. It’s as simple as that. Also SEOClerks announced a while back that they will be giving you 100% commission for any sales made by your referrals from your own clients. This is amazing! There has been quite a bit of discussion about this in the forum which you can check out here Give You 100% Earnings From Your Clients Sales.

How To Create SEOClerks Affiliate Store?

Depending on the skills and experience you have, there are a few ways to create an SEOClerks Affiliate Store but you don’t need to be a professional in any class or degree to do so. Even newbie webmasters and beginners can do so but if you do have some HTML/CSS or PHP coding skills then you can build you own affiliate store using your affiliate ID to get some referrals under you.

Here we look at several methods to do that. There is the manual option and the automatic option. With the manual option you can grab the required code to insert into your posts/pages on your site to show whatever it is that you want from the SEOClerks site. For example, you could enter a search term like “social bookmarking” and choose the parameters of the search results and create an API URL using the Service Ads API you can use the options to select and build an API select string which you can use in your site. Find out more about the SEOClerks Service API.

Self Hosted Affiliate Store

Other than much more hands on API feature which does offer some good functionality if you have the skills and knowledge to know how to use it. The other option is to go with the more automated self hosted affiliate store option. This way you can host your own website just like SEOClerks full of many thousands of SEO gigs and services for sale that people can buy in a couple of clicks and you get paid all the commission for it in earnings.

SEOClerks Affiliate Stores/Scripts/Themes & Plugins

We personally think out of all of these and the others you can find that anwebservices WPSEOCLERKS v2 – SEOClerks Affiliate Store WordPress Plugin is the best option to go with for the features that it has like internal page created for each service for sale so you can list out all of the descriptions on your site in your own words (means not using duplicate content). It's easy to setup and run, it comes with lifetime support and updates and he'll even install it for you on request. You can use short codes with it, use it in pages and posts or widgetized areas and is compatible with virtually every modern, responsive theme.

Promoting Your Affiliate Store

Of course in order to get traffic to your new affiliate site, you will need to promote and advertise it on places and do SEO to it as well if you want it to have a fighting chance of ranking high in the search engines. But with so many excellent SEO services and promotional services here to choose from already you don't have to go far to find one! You can literally get your affiliate website up and running over night and start promoting it and sending traffic to it over night and earning with it straight away. You probably already know some ways to promote it but you can always outsource that to a freelancer also.


I hope that you find this FAQ useful. The great thing about doing so is that all earnings are free for life and people will always need some sort of SEO Service or something doing. And there are literally thousands of SEO experts ready to provide you with their professional services at affordable prices which you can use on your own websites ranking and promotion. If you look around you can earn some big money by just doing a little work or having someone do it for you! How To Make Money With an SEOClerks Affiliate Store?


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Yeah it's just about making people aware and educating them on how they can go about it. The more people that know, and the more they know how to do it, the more they have a better chance of being able to succeed with the SEOClerks affiliate program. And with so many options for people to go about doing that, this will help them to narrow their choices down and decided which option to go with. There's some very big affiliates here now that are making some good money with the program, and they all started off from scratch, from square one. But there's still so much potential and opportunity in the system for even the most amateur to make some extra money to a full time income from it. It all starts right here, but the sky is the limit to where it can end. Never put off for tomorrow, what you can do today. As they say. How To Make Money With an SEOClerks Affiliate Store?

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Nice post and thanks for nice review on my plugin. I will also add this for those members who have no skills for programming their own affiliate scripts or can't afford to buy one of above mentioned, that there is also FREE manual solution which you can do by using WordPress blog and WooCommerce plugin. Complete tutorial is here:

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Thanks for this info. It is a pity that many members of this site are not aware that as soon as they are members they can also get affiliates, as there is a link that they can use to attract people to sign up under them. 10% for life is certainly a great rate, especially if you were to consider that you do not have to do much to get people to sign up through your link or banner. There are many ways to go about it to attracts affiliates and start gaining from them. The affiliate stores option was not something that I was well acquainted with and so I would like to thank you as I learnt more about it with this post.

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