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I just made my first ever order on here and had problems already. It says this permanently: Your payment is currently being verified and your order created. Please stay on this page until this message disappears so...

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    Kepler Level 1
  • 8 7 years ago

    I am trying to pay on Seoclerks via Paypal but something is wrong. My connection is fine and I already cleared browser cache; I also tried a different browser but it did not work. I keep getting an Internal Server Error...

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    viewss Level 1
  • 1 7 years ago

    I did a job for 75$. I got 60$ and had to wait 10 days (or 9). After that I want to put it on Paypal but will they take again from the 60$ Because SEOclerks already took 15$. I'm very curious because I'm already waiti...

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    FerhatR Level 1
  • 3 7 years ago