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Discussion in 'Archived Announcements' started by jordan, Sep 8, 2013.

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  1. ionicware

    ionicware Administrator Staff Member

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  2. jakemadness

    jakemadness Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the coupon :D
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  3. Sean101

    Sean101 Contributing Member

    Nice one, thanks :D
    I just redeemed mine and going to use it now :D
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  4. LukasMGK

    LukasMGK Regular Member

    YEAHH !!! Thanks for the coupon Jordan :)

    I Love SEOClerks.!!!!!

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  5. majdway

    majdway New Member

    wow thanks alot :D:D:D:D
  6. Vivadh

    Vivadh Active Member

    Ohh Thanks jordan ... SEOClerks rocks ...:)
  7. seospecial25

    seospecial25 Junior Member

    i am not understanding about coupon code pls explain me
  8. LukasMGK

    LukasMGK Regular Member

    Just click "seller => other => revenues => shopping => find a coupon code column => put coupon code => click apply"
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  9. rinoah

    rinoah Junior Member

    do i have to purchase to use the code? i cant find where to put the code, it only says no transactions to display
  10. seospecial25

    seospecial25 Junior Member

    thanks i apply it i got 5$ for purchase
  11. fastfollow

    fastfollow Junior Member

  12. gigransid

    gigransid Junior Member

    I don't get this $5 coupon...What to do???
  13. Rubbish

    Rubbish Active Member

    Mine is not working either, i've applied it and it doesn't credit my account. It says that i can use it only one time, even thought it was my first.
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  14. gigransid

    gigransid Junior Member

    same Problem as Rubbish??? Please Help Us.
  15. Zimba

    Zimba New Member

    I like the new site, and the free coupon idea, but there is no code on my email to claim the coupon. What am I missing?
  16. ranktechno

    ranktechno Junior Member

    Thanks for the coupon .. :)
  17. abdullahzahid

    abdullahzahid Junior Member

    Getting this error: Hey, you can only use this coupon once!
    Even though its my first time... Quite Disappointing...
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  18. sandralevy

    sandralevy Junior Member

    tx for the coupon,,, Love it
  19. easyBrah

    easyBrah New Member

    How do I redeem the coupon code?
    I go to seller > other > revenue but I see no place to put the code.
  20. sunil0021

    sunil0021 Contributing Member

    I just tested and the coupon code is worked fine for me ! Anyway thanks for the new design, $5 coupon and $1000 contest :) you are awesome Jordan, love SEOClerks.

    - Sunil Bishnoi
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