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SEO Specialist & Content Marketing Specialist I am a dedicated SEO consultant with almost 4 years of experience. I have worked on many different types of websites in several industries, and I am proficient in many SEO-related skills, including keyword research, competitive analysis, SEO audits and more. HOW CAN I HELP YOU? Working as an SEO, today, means having to wear many different hats, depending on the project at hand: I specialize in SEO audits, keyword research, deep competitive analysis, site usability audits, SEO copywriting, landing page optimization, Wordpress optimization and more. Furthermore, if you don t have a SEO strategy in place yet, I will help you craft one from scratch, based on your site s history and your future goals. WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT FROM ME? I base what I do on just one strong belief: I want clients to be sure that when they hire me they don t get just my expertise, but also the attention, time and communication that every professional must always provide. WHAT ELSE? As a professional working in an ever-changing industry, the only way of being efficient and effective in what I do is to constantly study and learn. For this reason, I am an active member of well-known SEO communities and an avid reader of the most famous blogs in this industry, including Moz, Search Engine Journal and many many more, and this gives me the opportunity to refine my skills and make sure that what I do is always in line with Google Quality Guidelines. To me, customer satisfaction is what matters most and I strongly believe that what I earn is just one of the many outcomes of a job well done. To me being a freelancer is more than just working . I really look forward to working with you. Thank you Esme2


Hi, my name is Vivek a India based graphic designer, video editor, published Author & i can make professional book covers and logos. I am passionate about Book Covers and would love to help you increase your sales and clicks through my Creative and Professional Designs. Feel free to contact me, I d love to hear from you!


I m an Italian girl, I discovered this site and I must say it s outstanding. Thanks to you, I am improving my English a lot. In job that require, I am very demanding, but I pay well and I have patience a little, not much ;-