Custom comments on my video.

Custom comments on my video.

I need custom comments on my youtube video.
need it from real accounts with a profile picture and I need that fast.
how many comments can you send it to me?
make your bids for comments only, no need subs no views no likes.



fast delivery.

Skills Required



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30 youtube custom comments very fast
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i will give you 15 youtube custom comments within 10 minutes.
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youtube ranks their videos according to the number of "views", "comments", and "likes" they have, but another important factor is how many "commments" the video has, and that's what i can help you with, so you end up with a better rank position!!! all of my youtube related services are 100% safe to use and do

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50+ custom comments on your video for $5

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please sir give me works

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thank you.

20 usa youtube costume comments for $1. please order me

comment with profile photo google account. kindly order me.

all of my chanel are verified by phone number. so you can get a better service by me.if any comment drop i will return your money.

here is my channel information

channel name: mashup

channel url:

i will make all the comment under this channel and i will deliver the work fast as well.


25 custom comments for you/$1

20 youtube custom comments from different active account. order me now.

80 youtube custom comment 80 youtube sub channel non drop

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order will be done within few hours. hope will work soon. thank you.

get 100 subscribers with 300 likes free for your youtube video
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