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  • promomixtapes
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    I gave a thumbs up ONLY because he sent a screenshot from 1 tweet to show it went out.

    The problem I have is I added my @TwitterName so I would see the tweets go out. Some reason the tweets never showed up on my end. I am a bit disappointed that my @TwitterName was not tagged. I don't know why I didn't receive any notifications of ANY Tweets going out.

    I requested screenshots from all tweets to see that they actually went out. The service provider only sent a screenshot from just 1 tweet and he referred me to the list of accounts it went from. I went to one of the accounts and could not find the tweet , but I see from the 1 screen shot it looks like it went out.

    Its annoying and I don't have time to chase down all the tweets to make sure the provider actually did the job correctly. This service is super cheap so its not even worth following up any further.

    I will look for someone who will send me proof from each tweet next time.

    8 months ago